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A device on your WiFi is casting – Chromecast bug – Solved

Chromecast devices are well-known for providing a smart TV experience without breaking the bank. To connect to their preferred Chromecast app, most individuals use a WiFi network. However, if your WiFi network is down, there are still a couple of options for using your Chromecast to stream content from a mobile device.

 A cable connection is an alternative to a weak WiFi signal. You’ll need an Ethernet adapter and an Ethernet cable for this. Chromecast alerts can be annoying at times, especially if they occur repeatedly throughout the day.

It’s even more aggravating when a member of your family shuts off the TV when you’re trying to cast something to it. I’m staring at you, my tiny brother or sister, whether it’s on purpose or not. It’s nice that this level of control may be eliminated and that these warnings can be fully disabled.

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How to fix “A device on your WiFi is Casting” bug on Chromecast?