How to easily Adjust Brightness on Acer Monitor – Change the Display Settings in 2021

Annually, Acer releases a new Acer desktop monitor and every Acer monitor screen has its own unique set of features and price ranges to withhold a position in a specific market. On-screen showcase (OSD) allows users to quickly adjust brightness on Acer monitor, along with many other alternatives.

As any user expects a flawless experience while using any monitor when they have invested a lot of money in buying their personal computers and we know that the main factor in enhancing a flawless experience while using any desktop is its picture quality and screen display, hence in order to enjoy the picture quality and screen display it must be completely perfect, and as mentioned earlier brightness that is screen display also plays an essential part in the whole user experience.

Shifting the light output or display setup or Acer monitors adjustments can be simple at times, but some users find it difficult about how to adjust brightness on Acer monitor? how to change brightness on the monitor? how to adjust Acer monitor settings? how do you make the screen brighter? people also have queries like why are Acer monitor buttons on the bottom? etc.  Are the most common issues faced by any Acer monitor user regarding these basic Acer monitor adjustment issues?

Now, to assist all the users, guide them and resolve their queries we have few resolutions:-

The above-mentioned queries can be resolved in a number of ways like hardware approach or software approach like mentioned below:

How to adjust brightness Acer monitor (Hardware)

How to easily Adjust Brightness on Acer Monitor – Change the Display Settings

Based on the model type, the device icons are placed on the back or bottom of your Acer screen. This apart from pushing the “Control” toggle, tapping any one of these keys will keep bringing up the HDMI input screen.

On-screen icons are connected with hardware zippers, so tapping the hardware key on the keyboard would then open this same section linked with an on knobs. It is time to enter the currently serves (represented by an “Interpretation Menu” icon) to modify the brightness. “Lighting” also seems and then you can adjust the value by pressing the right or left key on your keyboard.

It’s easy to change the visuals on your display screen. Along with changing the display, every desktop has a constructed tool that customizes colors, contrast, and brightness. You can change the screen on an Acer computer in exactly the same way you can on a computer from a different brand,

Here are the steps which you can use for assistance:

Step-1: Go to your desktop’s screen and left-click the keyboard. From the ranking that would seem, select “Attributes.”

Step-2: Upper corner of the “Attributes” frame, click upon on “Configuration” button. You can view an image by clicking on it.

Step-3: Users can change and adjust the display brightness on their Acer monitor, the color of the image to suit their needs. Click on “Developed” to modify other configurations, such as image resolution.

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How to adjust brightness on Acer monitor (Software)

As an option in contrast to using IR blaster functionality, the intensity of Acer screens could also be adjusted by using this software you can also always use this third-party technology such as a brighter screen or Darker Installation of these third-party applications such as Computer Softer, brightness Tray, RedShift GUI, etc. However, these applications are capable of far more than just changing the screen’s light output. On an Acer screen, users won’t have access to some of the features.

You’ll benefit greatly from using a third-party computer program if the light output is an important factor in one’s work or leisure activities the showcase settings and light intensity can be adjusted with the help of this software resolution.

How to adjust brightness on Acer monitor?

Acer desktop monitors are transported with the displays set to the ideal light intensity, comparison, and gamma setups. You can adjust the height of your computer monitor in a matter of seconds. The technique for trying to adjust personal computers screens and Portal laptop monitors tends to vary, so just choose a segment that corresponds to your pc from the list below to get started.

Most computer monitors and laptops are shipped with the screens preset to the optimal brightness, contrast, and gamma settings, and Gateway monitors and notebooks are no exception. But if you’d like to adjust your screen to make it brighter, it only takes a few seconds to do so. The method varies between adjusting desktop monitors and Gateway laptop screens, though, so choose the appropriate method for your computer from the steps below.

Step-1: The amplitude axle on the screen should be clearly visible. If there is indeed a light intensity wheel on even an Acer monitor, it is situated all along the lower end of the sensor’s side. A detachable or predicated polycarbonate panel may hide it. Each wheel’s amplitude is demonstrated by a tiny sun picture. As a result, you’ll need to adjust the settings via a menu.

Step-2: To boost light output, turn the light intensity wheel to a correct if you could find it. This step should be skipped if there is no amplitude wheel visible.

Step-3: The Display tab can be found mostly on the left side of the screen. Placed at the base of your screen, near the amplitude wheel. There are a variety of options that appear on the screen when you click on the context menu. Regardless of what else was on a computer monitor, these options are available on the upper edge of it.

Step-4: Close the context menu, look beside the arrow knobs and a response button. Your mouse would then move around under the pause menu using these buttons, as you select that option in the tab.

Step-5: Your mouse pointer must be over the solar icon when you push the icon.

Step-6: Brightness can be adjusted by using the right-up arrow, followed by the taskbar icon until the tab is gone.

Step-7: Start by going to the “Control Center.”

Step-8: Optical Transparency can be accessed through the Control Center menu by selecting “Display Panel”.

Step-9: To access amazing features, click this same “Settings” tab and afterward the “Developed” button.

Step-10: “Color” can be accessed by clicking on that tab. Adjustment measurements will be available in the form of brightness, color, and ultraviolet. Brightening the screen is done by transforming any and all of this one to the right.

Step-11: Click this same “Pertain” button after you’ve adjusted the configurations to your desired rate.

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Operating the On-Screen Display Control Unit

This is a quick fix since it’s built into the equipment. According to the Acer prototype, icons are located on the side as well as the bottom of your display screen. These icons will have a start button on one side. This button can be ignored for the time being. The OSD layout will now be available to you to interact with.

Now, launch the Menu or Boost Metabolism and select Light output from the drop-down menu. Depending on the needs, you can configure it here.

Acer monitor buttons on the bottom:

The Acer monitor buttons on the bottom are to modify the brightness, you can also use the Purpose key as well as the arrow marks. As you actually reduce brightness, keep in mind to press the Operation key using the right/left arrows.

You’ll benefit greatly from using a 3rd computer program if brightness is an important factor in your work or leisure activities The display configurations and brightness can be adjusted to your heart’s content!

If there is still no progress and if the above information was not helpful then?

Perhaps your screen is malfunctioning whether you have tried all of it and still haven’t been able to resolve the issue. In order to resolve the issue, we suggest that you speak with an official person assigned or call the official service customer delight support center near your location.

People also commonly ask/Frequently Asked Questions

you can’t adjust the brightness of the screen when using buttons

This could be the result of a problem with the driver. Try again after you’ve updated them. The motorist may have to be replaced.

Which is the short-cut key for increasing the brightness in the Acer monitor?

You can boost the brightness by pressing Fn + arrow keys key and decrease it by pressing Fn + left directional buttons

So how would I enable the function keys on my computer keyboard?

Activate the buttons by holding down the Fn key as well as the left transition key. Both of them will need to be pressed around each other.

Why do I get an error message when I try to increase brightness in my Acer desktop?

You may not have updated your screen drivers. Test them again after ensuring those who are rise

My light intensity button doesn’t seem to be working on my Acer desktop?

Microsoft Windows users can enable Dynamic Brightness by going to Change Advanced Power Settings and selecting the option. Try restarting your desktop and retyping the code.

I’m having problems with my function keys in increasing the brightness on my Acer desktop

It’s possible that you’ve locked the keys by pushing the F-lock key on the keyboard. Then, they’ll begin working again after you unlock the device.
If users do not like the setting configurations on your Acer screen, don’t get too frustrated. Everything has a solution, so in this case, it was quite simple… unless there’s a problem, of course. As long as you follow the tips above, you’ll have integration of these technologies. Your computer or tablet’s showcase light intensity can be added depending on whether or not you’re trapped in it.
On a plugged-in computer, for obvious reasons, you may have the light output set to elevated, while on electric power, it could be set to low. Window frames would instead adjust your light output for you without any further input from you. To change this, go to the Settings Menu and make the necessary adjustments. You can change the current schedule settings by clicking on the “Systematic review settings” link beside the display settings you are just using “Equipment and Audio”. The most likely display settings you are using is Stable.

Automatic adjustment of screen display depending on the battery life

Under “Modify schedule brightness,” you can set different camera brightness for “On capacitor” and “Simply plugin.” One’s electricity plan determines this setting. Although we don’t believe that electricity plans are essential, you can configure different screen brightness levels for each of them as well as switch among each other if you like.
Similarly, you can set your computer or device’s display’s backlit display to accurately track based upon whether recharging batteries are left. Windows 10 has a feature called Battery Saver that allows you to do this. Settings icon, and choose “Framework,” and then click “Charger” to access the battery information.

Why is brightness being dependent on ambient light?

 Desktops and tablets possess ambient brightness detectors, and so many contemporary laptops do as well. If you’re in a clear spot, Window frames can increase or decrease the screen’s brightness instantly, depending on where you are.
However, some people have found that this is also a hindrance. Display brightness can be changed sequentially by using the foregoing settings. Guys may also want to put that on and take it off several times to see which one you prefer.

How do I adjust brightness on Acer monitor?

From the above information, the majority of the methodologies are intended for Personal computers, portable devices, as well as desktop computers. This setup, even so, would need to be adjusted manually on the display adapter when you are using a desktop Computer via an output device, and if you are integrating a good moment to a computer or desktop.

How to change the brightness when the charger is connected to Acer monitors?

Your computer’s display brightness can be added depending on whether or not you’re plugged in. On even a plugged-in computer, for instance, you may have the brightness established to high, while on battery capacity, it can be set to low. Window frames will instead adjust one’s brightness for you without any further input from you. To change this, go to the Settings Menu and make the necessary adjustments. You can change the current plan settings by clicking on the “Systematic review configuration” link beside the energy plan you’re just using “Equipment and Audio”. The most likely power plan you are using is structured.


The steps mentioned on how to adjust brightness on Acer monitor are easy and the fastest methods to change brightness. Hope they are helpful to you and if you have any doubt feel free to comment below.

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