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Are Apple Products Worth it?

Apple Inc. is a multinational technology firm based in the United States that specializes in electronic goods for consumers, software, and online operations. Apple is the world’s most valuable firm and the world’s largest technology company by sales which is totalling at $274.5 billion in 2020.

This digital giant APPLE is well-known for its high-end goods such as the Macbook or the iPad, and iPhone. However, many people’s ambitions of owning an Apple product are unattainable. Here the question also arises “Are Apple products Worth the money” If a picture of Apple’s silver Macintosh is in front of someone, they will recognize It right away no matter what corner of the globe they belong to.

The two-dimensional outline is instantly recognizable around the world and is associated with iPhones, MacBooks, and technical advancement. Customer retention, word of mouth, and trust are all factors that result in Apple consistently receiving high ratings in satisfaction polls. Even for cross-platform developers, Apple’s excellent reputation makes iOS the preferred platform.

Apple’s reputation for excellence makes it easier to break into new markets. Apple products are well worth the money for those who appreciate the user experience and network. For many of Apple’s most loyal users, ease of operation and seamless connectivity between products and systems are more crucial than personalization flexibility. Users of iOS devices should expect consistent user interaction across platforms, but Android users can anticipate more diversity and freedom in overall phone choices.

So, if you’re thinking about buying an Apple product, bear in mind that you’ll be paying more for the experience than for the technical factors like more processing power or a better display, all the while not missing out on such factors as processing power and a better display. On closer inspection, Apple is a more dependable product in terms of quality and security.

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Here are a few factors which you might want to consider to get a better understanding of Apple’s Worth:

Scope of Resale

Let’s say you want to upgrade your Apple device or replace your present one with a new one. You may receive a lot better bargain for an Apple product than you can for any other device. The resale value of iPhones, iPads, and other Apple goods is significantly higher than that of any other device. You’ll be able to resale your devices for a better price once it ‘s time for an upgrade. Furthermore, because Apple products are so renowned, these gadgets tend to sell much faster.


In general, people believe that an Apple smartphone is more secure than an Android device, which is accurate to some extent. iOS provides more frequent upgrades across all devices, a more constrained environment that is more difficult to gain access to, and a more restrictive app store. It becomes much more challenging for attackers to reach iOS users when all of these data are combined.

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Is Apple Worth it?

Unlike other mobile companies, Apple has made it easy to recognise one of its iPhones by maintaining a consistent style and design. This helps to increase brand recognition. Here’s why Apple is spreading like wildfire worldwide. Although the consistency of Apple is a one-size-fit approach, the localised branding of the company is internationally successful.

Log into the website of Apple and you will be able to visit customised sites designed for over 100 countries. It is important for all of your target markets to locate products and marketing information, and the success of Apple is a crucial example. Apple also adapts its stores according to their location.

The company has over 500 Apple stores around the world and is designed to suit every single one of the areas the company is present in. The brand has said the company “surrounds the shop with an inviting attraction that matches their culture and the environment.” Brand Quarterly reports that the former vice president of retail business Bob Beidgerspoke.

It’s “out on the street,” and it’s about feeling that the local people feel.” The simple truth that the company is nearly non-existent on certain social media platforms demonstrates Apple’s global reputation. If Apple continues to keep its messages and motives constant worldwide and address the emotions of consumers and geographical regions around the world, it is possible that the brand will grow and remain in the game well into the future.

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Why are Apple products so expensive?

Here are a few reasons why Apple products are priced the way that they are:

After sale services

Whenever you receive complaints about your Apple products and go to the next service centre, you will notice that officers in these centres treat you very carefully and welcome you very warmly. They will immediately notify you of your phone complaints, and repair the telephone. This is because they already have a big brand on the market and millions of people trust them. That’s why they can’t allow their company to break their trust. A customer filing a complaint against the product will have a massive impact on their company. Hence the intense care about customers arises. This company pays their staff at the service centres enormously.


In order to inspire them to buy the product, commercialization is not just limited to the advertising of the products and the services to the end clients, it also involves determining the completeness of the channels on the niche market of a product or service as well as promoting it across the potential customer. It creates product awareness, has an efficient marketing strategy, and focuses on the development of the product needs among other market segments. This is exactly what Apple is known best for.

The OS interface

Unlike android which gets its OS readily made and for free from Google, Apple’s OS is developed by the company from scratch, which makes it feel custom-made for Apple fanatics.

Symbol of class

Apple’s main target customers are not really the middle of the lower class of people in the economy, but the upper classes of people in the economy. Hence Apple has maintained its image as a luxury brand or a symbol of premium/luxury lifestyle. Every brand has a target customer/ a position in the market and Apple’s aims are at the top.