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Best Audio Mixer for Streaming in 2021

In this modern era where people follow each and every gaming platform, people get attracted to streamers. The streamers are now earning a lot with the help of their gameplays. They play live and allows the audience to pay them as gifts or commonly known as super chat in this Z generation.

There are various platforms, like Twitch which provides the service of streaming. People these days are locked inside their homes and the streamers try to entertain them with their gameplay. The subscribers watch the gameplay if the content is attractive and eye-catching. For the same reason, the streamers invest in lacks nowadays to create a proper gaming setup to make it look attractive. Not only do the visuals become attractive but the quality of streaming also improves. There is always a difference between a low-budget stream and a high-budget stream. People can differentiate on the basis of the quality of content they produce.

The setup may include various technologies like the PC, camera, mic, boosters, graphics cards, hardware, and audio enhancer commonly known as the audio mixer and much more. Streamers nowadays earn a lot if they are successful and have a good number of subscribers. The streamers always try to enhance the quality of the streams by the use of different software and hardware. Once such an audio enhancer is known as the audio mixer. You must have wondered why the streamer’s voice seems to be clearer and crisper rather than usual in the gameplays.

Best Audio Mixer for Streaming in 2021

The reason behind this is the quality of the mic and the hardware they use. They may use different mixers and enhancers to boost the quality and frequency ranges of the sound. These days there are a lot of audio mixers available in the market from which you can choose. A streamer needs to invest in some things and devices or may be called an ad one to make the virtual experience even better. The viewers would get more attracted to the stream thereby. Here we would be dealing with bets audio mixer for streaming.

A streamer may also avoid the use of audio mixers but it would also have some impact on the streaming. The user needs to control the settings like the frequency and the volume of the gameplay or the stream by opening different tabs and then control it. So, it would definitely hamper the gameplay of the streamer and thus it also affects the consistency of the audience because of the interruptions by the streamer.

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It is very difficult for the streamer to switch between different applications while they are playing the game to change, the music or any other shifts. Thus, these audio mixers come into action which provides an upper edge. Here we have listed different audio mixers which are available in the market at a fair price giving the best quality.

Use of Audio Mixers

It is not necessary but an ad on. Many streamers do not use the audio mixer but they use the audio interface. You can easily customize the volume and the settings which are not possible with other hardware or software providers.

The audio mixer helps to change the audio, mixings, volume, strength, frequency, and depth of sound, and many more. This gives full control to the gamer while playing the game and enhance the gaming experience of the gamers and the viewing experience of the audience as well. To get into this we will be discussing the best audio mixer for streaming down below.

Best Audio Mixer for Streaming

  • GoXLR

The GoXLR is a single setup you could use if you want to get the full-fledged experience of twitch streaming. The GoXLR is specially designed for gaming and for streamers. It is handy with 4 channels with phantom power. It allows you to customize between different power levels a swell. The price of the GoXLR is a bit high but if you want the best and high-quality audio mixer for streaming, this is one of the best picks.

  • Behringer Xenyx X1204USB Premium

For the streamers who want to get advanced structures for the customizations of the volumes and settings then this is best for them. This comes with 4 different channels to choose from with lots of advanced settings which is easily customizable. You just need to plug it into your PC port. It has different features to make the quality of voice good than it is in reality. It comes with a 24-bit multi-FX processor which lets you deal with different settings and options. It is not for beginners as they might get confused between the settings.


It is very compact and has a sleek design that looks and handy as well as premium. It comes with 48 phantom power with 3 bands EQ. This is very handy when it comes to canceling the background noise while streaming. The noise cancellation mode of the YAMAHA is very powerful. It has a D-PRE Cl-ass A microphone. It comes with many options and is best suited for iOS users with various extensions to choose from. It is one of the best recommended audio mixer for streaming