Benefits of Creating Longer Blog Post

By | January 19, 2019

Benefits of Creating Longer Blog Post

Benefits of Creating Longer Blog PostWriting a blog post is an easy task. We can say its a work of babies. but writing a longer post is not easy and it’s also a good SEO Practices. Longer Post makes Google rank you easily. In today is time and Google Needs only Good content and Longer Content. The Quality of the content is very much important than backlinks. If your content has a Quality you will automatically Get good result. So for getting Good a Result you should do work hard for your blog.

Some Little Things I’m sharing is Good for you for getting the Good Result. I have to Learn much things about the Longer Post after all. I thought to write the Longer Post for My Readers to get their Blog in Profitable mode.

How to Benefits of Creating Longer Blog Post?

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Delivered Good to Readers

Well, there is a Quote in Blogging Line, “Content is a King”. but I think that “Quality Content is King”. On another side, if we talk about the Longer Post, if you write longer you will explain everything about any specific topic & user will able to easily understand your article. If you are writing Longer, the Better things you are updating in your article.

Get them all thing in one place

If you are writing on any topic, you should give them all thing in one place. So, That any reader should not worry about reading any things from other sources.

For Example: If you are writing on Topic Longer Post, you should tell them all points clearly. you should teach them about the good matters in your article. Blah Blah… Etc. If you do so your reader will also visit your website daily for the new post. One thing is also that if you are giving more to your user, the user will automatically visit your website on daily basis.

Give That Thing what they want

Especially DO that thing what your Readers are like. If you writing on that topic which is too much boring user will bounce back from the post. This will be the bad SEO Practices. One thing I want to say that Don’t Write Article’s Just Do Play With words. Readers will automatically Love your writing and articles too.

Write on Friendly Keywords

Write articles on mainly a good Keyword. Choose that Keyword which you love to write on. or we can say that choose your favorite Keyword. if your doing so, Writing will automatically be done. you don’t need to do hard work.
If you are writing on any keyword which you thinks this topic is boring you cannot write Good. and you will get bad ranks on that post. SO, I am suggesting you write on Friendly Keywords.


In this last, I am just Recommending use the above-given tips in your daily use. Give them all try on your blog and comment here and share your problems or success. we will definitely happy to help you. Share the US! Thanks!



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