Best Minecraft Texture Resource packs

Playing games like Minecraft would become more interesting if the GUI looks much better right? Having to play the same texture in minecraft would make it pretty boring for us gamer, in this article we will read about Minecraft Texture packs supported in Windows.

People may ask, What are Minecraft texture resource packs? The answer is, They are a set of png files and .txt files zipped used to modify in-game texture of Minecrafts. They modify blocks, items, mobs and GUI of player screen in Minecraft.

Let us know look into Best Minecraft Texture packs that players may love to update in Minecraft.

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Best Minecraft Texture Resource Packs

1. LB realism Photo Reload

LB Photo realism reload minecraft texture pack

LB realism photo reload is a photo realistic resourcepack based on work of Scuttles. Players may think that it will be same as the original version. But no, LB realism Photo reloaded version is totally different from that of the original version. The main reason why players opt for LB realism photo reload version is because, it uses very old textures from the original version. This resource pack makes your GUI as realistic as it can. Including massive changes in items, wood texture, character faces, models and animation.

Download LB realism Photo Reload!

2. SapixCraft

SapixCraft Resource Text Pack Minecraft

The specialty of SapixCraft resource pack is, it is easy to play resource pack. The main motto of SapixCraft Minecraft texture pack is ‘To make your world as simple as possible’. They provide many festival updates, the most recent one was Christmas pack. SapixCraft not just provide with a whole resource pack but even provides us with Add-on.

Download SapixCraft Minecraft Texture Resource Pack

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3. Glimmars Steampunk

Glimmars Steampunk Minecraft texture resource pack

Glimmars SteamPunk was originally made for Minecraft version 1.4 by the creators. But, now it is now designed in such a way that it is virtually available for all the versions of Minecraft. The best thing about Glimmars Steampunk texture resource pack is, over the years the updates haven’t stopped. They creators and developers regularly update this pack once in a while. So, if you are looking for a resource pack with frequent updates, Glimmars Steampunk is the one.

Download Glimmars SteamPunk Minecraft Texture Resource Pack

4. Modern HD

Modern HD minecraft texture resource pack

Specialty of Modern HD minecraft texture resource pack is, it is complete with all fonts, texture, items, mobs, minecraft sounds. Players who love to make realistic and modern stuff in minecraft can opt for this resource pack. Building new homes/houses, modern cities, real estate stuff, every single them that concludes the word ‘modern’ is found in Modern HD minecraft pack.

Download Modern HD Minecraft Resource Pack

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Ovo's rustic minecraft texture pack

Ovo’s Rustic is a type of minecraft texture pack that gives you feeling of realistic texture along with the sense of standard minecraft texture. If you are looking for a type of minecraft texture pack that doesn’t make much appealing difference but add an unique view to your game then Ovo’s Rustic is the best choice.

Download Ovo’s Rustic Minecraft Resource Pack

Thank you for reading this article on ‘Best Minecraft Texture Resource packs‘. We hope you got your desired minecraft texture pack. If you have any query, feel free to comment below.

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