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Best Text Editor For MAC

Either you are a very skilful programmer or someone who’s just trying his hands-on coding and ready with a masterpiece idea for his first coding. The most important tool to accomplish this is to choose the best text editor possible.

Getting the most efficient text editor for your favourite Mac feels the same as you get into a showroom, and your eyes fall on the perfect dress you had ever wanted to wear for the very special day. What are you here for is your showroom of text editors; right below, check out the most efficient text editors you would have ever wanted to make your coding easier and productive.

Here are the Best Text Editor For MAC

  1. Sublime Text 3
  2. Atom
  3. Brackets
  4. BBEdit 13
  5. UltraEdit
  6. Code2/ Nova
  7. Visual Studio Code
  8. Espresso

Lets have a detail look about the Best Text Editor For MAC

1. Sublime Text 3 

Sublime Text 3

It is considered to be the best and a very known text editor for Mac all around, and the name it had achieved is worth it. The very reasons for it being best are


> A very high level of customizability.

> A very powerful API and ecosystem.

> Multiple Selections

> Best is “Auto Anything”

> Split and Batch editing

> Goto Definition and Command Palette, 

> Instant Switch to Projects

The only con of Sublime Text 3 is that it is costly when it provides the best of its features. But if money is something that never bothered you, then it’s just the perfect text editor to go with.

2. Atom