Best Ways to Check Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram

Are you interested in knowing who your Instagram friend is following? Do you want to know the accounts he’s recently joined?

Whatever reasons you’ve got for wanting to find out who this person is on Instagram There’s a way to get those details if you are able to.

How to See Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram

In the current update to Instagram’s app, it’s impossible to find out who your friend has recently followed since the list is categorized based on who the person follows the most. However, you can utilize third-party apps such as Snoopreport or IG Export to keep track of the people you follow on Instagram. Instagram users follow.

Seeing Who Someone Followed Recently on Instagram — Here’s How

As we’ve said There’s no way that you know who someone is been following recently on Instagram.

While you can find out who the user is followed by going to the following category on his profile They’re not chronologically organized.

While there was a time that Instagram’s “Following” list was arranged by who the most has recently been following, Instagram again removed that feature and classified the list according to the people with whom one interacts the most.

In that regard, it is necessary to utilize third-party websites to see who someone has recently has been following on Instagram.

The only issue is the amount you’re willing and able to spend to get the juicy piece of information.

Free App: IGExport

If you’re looking to know who you (your crush or perhaps) have recently been following on Instagram but aren’t willing to shell out a large sum to obtain the report, IGExport is the app for you.

It’s an IGExport Chrome extension tool that you can add to your browser in order to obtain an update on someone’s latest followers.

To begin take these easy steps to install and utilize IGExport:

Step 1: Open a brand new tab in Your Chrome browser and start typing “IGExport” on the address bar.

A small number of search results will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Second step: click your IGExport search result, which will take you to the Google Webstore (this is the first result in the listing).

Step 3: After you click this result the page will refresh to allow IGExport in Google’s Chrome Webstore.

Navigate to the right-hand side and click “Add to Chrome.”

Step 4: Once you have clicked “Add to Chrome,” an open-ended window will pop up and ask you if wish to include IGExport as an extension to your Chrome extension.

Choose “Add extension” and wait for Google to install the IGExport browser extension.

Step 5: Open the Chrome toolbar, and then click on”Extensions” from the toolbar “Extensions” button. It appears as a piece of a puzzle.

Step 6: The drop-down menu will scroll down until you find that IGExport extension. Click the button to attach an IGExport extension on the taskbar.

But, pining the extension onto the taskbar is an option.

Step 7: After IGExport is placed on the taskbar (as previously mentioned, this is an optional step) Log into the Instagram account you have created. Instagram account.

Step 8: Once you have logged in to the account you have created on your IG account, click the search bar and then encode your username. Enter the name of the user you’re interested in knowing who is following him.

When the name of his account appears on the dropdown menu then click it.

Step 9: Once you’ve selected the username from the account list after that, you’ll find yourself on the profile page of that individual.

Highlight the username and then right-clicking it prior to selecting”Copy” before clicking the “Copy” option.

You can also highlight the username, then press Ctrl + C for copying it.

Step 10: Click the IGExport extension from the taskbar. Then, paste your username that you wish to track into the box which is available.

Select if you want to keep track of the person’s followers, or followers. Choose “Following.

Step 11: Next choose”Export Following” and then click the “Export Following” button for IGExport to create the report.

The page will reload with the usernames the IG user follows chronologically. The ones in the upper right-hand corner are their latest followers.

If you would like to save the report as a file then click”Download following” and click the “Download following” button to start exporting the report to your device.

If you would prefer that the reports for your account be automated, without having to repeat those steps, choose the second option below.

Paid App: Snoopreport

If you’d like to have regular reports sent to your email address without the requirement to set everything up manually and then set up everything manually, then Snoopreport is the app to utilize.

If you’re not familiar with the app, Snoopreport lets you find out who’s following someone on Instagram regularly.

You’ll have to pay in order to use their services.

If you’re determined to monitor someone’s activities follow the steps you’ll have to follow.

Step 1: In the address bar of your browser Enter “” This move will direct you to the website of Snoopreport.

Second step: When on the website of Snoopreport, click”Log in” or the “Log in” button and input your login credentials.

If you’re the first experience using Snoopreport then click the “Sign up” option instead.

Step 3: When you click on the sign-up pop-up window that pops up, type in the email address you’re using, and then set up a password to the account.

Once you have confirmed your password, enter it once more before ticking”I agree to Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy “I agree to Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy” box.

Once you have done that, you can click on”Sign Up” in the blue “Sign Up” button.

Step 4: After that, you’ll be taken back to your Dashboard page.

In the Dashboard page, look for”Add Account” on the Dashboard page. Click the “Add account” button and click it. There will be a pop-up message asking you to purchase an annual subscription.

Choose”Buy Subscription” or click the “Buy Subscription” button and choose the plan that you’d like to purchase.

Then, click the “Subscribe button” and then encode the details of your card on the page for payment.

Select “Subscribe” again after you’ve entered the payment information required.

Step 5: Once you have set up your account, choose “Add account” again and input the IG username you’d like to keep track of in the pop-up window.

Click”Check” or click the “Check” button.

All you need to do is just wait for Snoopreport to create reports for you. The reports are available in the dashboard.

6. Click the Activity Report you wish to see. Scroll down the report until can see”New Follows” in the “New follows” section.

Then you’ll find the list of the user’s most recent followers listed chronologically, along with the time and date.

If you’re paying for a subscription, you’ll be receiving an activity report for that IG account each week with the addition of that user’s followers, if any.

Which method do you prefer?

Most Frequently Asked Questions About How to Find Who Someone recently followed on Instagram

Does Snoopreport keep track of Instagram accounts that have been registered as private?

Although Snoopreport offers a thorough analysis of each IG user’s activities over this week, it does not access private accounts.

Do you know how to see who someone has recently followed on Instagram without using any third-party websites or apps?

While it is possible to track who follows someone on Instagram but you can’t discern when the person was following the account. Since Instagram’s latest update The “Following” list is arranged by the frequency at which an individual interacts with the accounts who follow him, and not chronologically.

How can I get access to the following list of Instagram users? Instagram user?

The first step is to input your username into the search bar of Instagram’s feed pages. Click on the Instagram account that is matched and let Instagram direct you to the profile page. On the page for the profile, click on”Followings” and then click the “Followings” button until you get a pop-up window with that account’s followers.

If I’m unable to see who someone is following recently on Instagram Does this apply to my account, too?

It’s not easy to determine if you’ve followed a specific Instagram account by looking at the Followers list. You can’t even sort your list of Followers in chronological order, giving you an idea of who you’ve been following in recent times.

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