Blink Camera Not Working (Here Are 5 Fixes to Common Issues!)

You might think installing CCTV cameras at your house or workplace could help you spy and safeguard the place. But what if the camera itself stops working?

Need not worry! We are here with the troubleshooting ideas for 5 common issues that can occur in your Blink Camera. Read this article till the end to learn about basic issues and their fixes for your Blink outdoor Camera.

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Blink Outdoor Camera

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Blink Outdoor Camera
Blink Outdoor Camera

The Blink Outdoor is just a weatherproof and battery chargeable 1080p security camera with cloud and motion sensors. You also need not go for an additional storage device as it already has local storage. Apart from this, the Blink Outdoor Camera is Alexa voice-activated with third-party smart speaker connectivity.

Issues with the Blink Outdoor

Issues with the Blink Outdoor
Issues with the Blink Outdoor

After purchase and installation of the Blink Outdoor, there might occur some issues which do not require the aid of professionals. These issues can simply be fixed on your own with simple troubleshooting methods. 

Some errors may also signal that perhaps the Blink’s batteries have died or that the internet service is down. Most of these changes, though, are simple. If you apply this tutorial, you’ll have the security system back up and running a few times!

Let us discuss some of the common issues with the Blink Outdoor in detail:

  • If you are having trouble accessing the camera, creating motion clips and previews, or the Blink shows that the clips “times out” whenever you try to access them, your wireless broadband speed may be too slow.

A message may also appear informing you that the connectivity is not responding, such as “Unable to connect with “device name.” 

  • If any of the Blink cameras fail to reply, you may notice errors such as “Camera Busy” and “Thumbnail Failed.” If the Sync Module is unable to connect with the camera, such messages may appear.
  • The Blink system depends on effective signal quality for optimized performance when monitoring Live Views, transferring motion clips, and producing high-quality video. To minimize performance concerns, the cameras must show three lines of connection.
  • When you first launch Blink, the Auto-delete controller is programmed for 60 days. This means that any footage older than 60 days will be completely erased from the account and the cloud servers.
  • If you got a warning indicating that one or both of the cameras had high consumption, this indicates that you will not receive the projected two-year battery capacity that Blink webcams provide. Maximizing the value indicates that the number of motion clips collected and Live View usage is driving the batteries to drain faster than intended.

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Fixing the Issues with Blink

Fixing the Issues with Blink 
Fixing the Issues with Blink 

The issues mentioned above and other common issues can be easily sorted on your own. Follow the troubleshooting solutions given below:

  1. Make sure to have high-speed internet service at your home or workplace before you install Blink Camera.
  2. Once you make sure of the speed of your internet service, confirm the connectivity of your camera with the internet.
  3. Do not forget to change the default settings of the Blink Camera at your convenience.
  4. Make sure to manage and balance the battery consumption of the camera.
  5. If you face issues even after these solutions, contact the Blink Service providers for aid. 

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