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Can Ring Floodlight Be Mounted Horizontally Under Eaves – How?

Though its suggested installation with Circle lighting cameras is height, one may easily move them laterally beneath any acute angle but rather ceiling also because the device originally properly arranged best within that “fixed orientation.” Its video rolling attachment should be altered then flipped anti -clockwise and get a normal position for Circular lighting. Only a hairpin and several moments are required!

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The problem with mounting Ring Floodlight horizontally

The problem with mounting Ring Floodlight horizontally
The problem with mounting Ring Floodlight horizontally

To recap, a circle lighting camera seems to have a problem in that it would only be designed to be mounted upright, not diagonally.

Following seems to be the inconsistent material I got upon this matter while searching Shield’s help website, discussion boards, or Instagram handle:

“Having installed the Headlamp Webcam immediately around an air vent or attic once at a perpendicular angle will impact movement and brightness activation and also the screen’s view,” according to the Circle discussion board. Since these detectors the lens would be directed straight just at the bottom or at the desired angle pointing outwards, it will be the case. It’ll most probably avoid that from capturing and working correctly.”

Reflector Cameras could be installed on the side or on the roof.

they don’t advocate putting [laterally] in this method since the app’s focal length, image, or inertial sensors would be harmed. Nevertheless, we shall remember to bring any comments to the attention of our Initiation and Planning groups.”

One biggest problem in this is the limited scope of the study of both devices and also the recording device.

Is if the camera is set at an incorrect height, its device would be harmed and therefore will fail to detect activity, making it difficult to capture the intended region with both the video.

Dozens of Circle lighting owners had positioned their lens vertically beneath an air vent or cornice, which is an exciting benefit.

Though many various ways were tested, one stood out as the big victor, requiring just one device and hardly any cost.

The ideal approach to put a Circle Reflector camera straight

The ideal approach to put a Circle Reflector camera straight
The ideal approach to put a Circle Reflector camera straight

Only one alteration you’ll have to take towards the Circle light camera to fully place it vertically without sacrificing productivity is as follows:

  • Loosen the nut that regulates the webcam detector angle with the wrench that comes with package.
  • Disconnect the lens first from the roller bearings connector after removing the nut.
  • Then, unscrew the ring screw at the bottom of the roller bearings interface with fingers.
  • Rotation twists the puck connection just so the fastening nut has been at the bottom of a lens.
  • Insert the nut then insert the phone back into the puck connection.

The technique for Mounting a Circle Reflector camera straight

If such aforementioned modification could not provide adequate mobility to particular lateral usage using the webcam detector, there might be another option.

I should inform readers that even this procedure completely alters the hinge joint horn’s neck. Whatever guarantee that could have on the Circle lighting will most probably be voided as a result of that one.

And here is how you can improve your strength and flexibility

  • Loosen this nut which regulates your webcam detector tilt with both the torque wrench included with the package.
  • Disconnect the lens from the roller bearings adapter after removing the nut.
  • Sharpen the puck attachment towards the appropriate position with a milling cutter. As just a result, the side view can freely travel up.

The above procedure takes a little longer but necessitates the use of a particular instrument to appropriately polish the phone down the stalk.

Circle Fresnel lens is being used to replace old fixtures.

  1. You’re necessary to deploy a Band lamp diagonally now you’ve seen 2 ways to enhance the overall webcam detector range.
  2. Often go to your fuse box to turn off the electricity when performing any adjustments to an established ceiling light!

Follow these steps to replace your existing light fixture with your new Ring floodlight:

  • Delete the old attachment (there is no uniformity here, so search around and see what you can). It’s normally only a couple of nuts that have to be undone.)
  • Loosen the cable bolts now the wiring is revealed. 
  • Cut the cables and completely remove the old light.
  • Start installing Circle light installation plate and accessories. Experiment around with this because the position of this triangle will eventually define where its video will gaze!
  • When you’re working on cabling a Circle flash lamp, place this with the included swinging clip.
  • Grounded to earth, yellow cable to light wiring, connecting wires to cables connected
  • Put the lamp into fastening bolts then tighten with both the nuts that come with it.
  • Now since the bulb is in place, users may adjust the phone’s angle by loosening one nut just in front.
  • If needed, fix individual Led bulbs simply removing and adjusting each clamp by foot.
  • Complete the setup via the Ring app on your smartphone!


Although Shield’s recommended illumination shutter clamping seems paradoxical, this is most likely viable to position it diagonally below an open roof or ceiling.

The simplest method is to spin the sensor puck interface by rotation. It only takes a moment or 2 and only needs a wrench.

If such a modification will not  provide us sufficient strength and flexibility, then may           shave a piece of a ball and socket’s neck down forever.

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