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How to change the Chromecast resolution in 2021: A Detailed Guide

The days of watching and viewing material from old TV networks have ended. With the introduction of new technologies, high-tech inventions have now been revealed around the globe. This has led to the use of new major technologies, one of which is the option to stream television programming from mobile phones. There comes the Google Chromecast Ultra. But what is Google Chromecast Ultra? This is perhaps one of the greatest streaming entertainment devices that enables high-definition material to be streamed.

Resolution on Chromecast

since we know, Chromecast is the single best gadget for casting on other platforms. One could also stream local movies, see any page, and cast applications as well. Some scenarios may not be suitable for your picture output on your TV screen. That’s when the Chromecast resolution has to be changed to suit the picture quality. The problem with the Google Home app is that the aspect ratio cannot be changed. The reason for that relies on the TV that you are viewing. Chromecast aspect range The resolution of Chromecast will differ depending on your TV settings. We will show you how to change the Chromecast resolution in a step-by-step guide.

How to change the Chromecast resolution in 2021: A Detailed Guide 1

How can One change the resolution of Chromecast over smartphones?

For smartphones and applications like Netflix or Hotstar, the casting choice is integrated. Once the casting choice is selected, it is launched into your Chromecast. You can’t modify anything here during casting with these applications. But downloaded streaming video applications such as the MX Player as well as the VLC Media Player allow you to adjust the aspect proportion. The modification in the Aspect ratio will also affect the display of Chromecast.

Here is how to change the Chromecast resolution:

1) Firstly, if this is not available, download the VLC streaming player on the smartphone.

2) Second,  on the VLC player click on more it will take you to the settings tab

3) In this, a “Video Screen Orientation” option is available right next to a hardware acceleration