How to Change the Color of Names (Roles) in Discord

Discord is a great software used by millions of people all over the world. The most popular users are gamers who appreciate Discord and make it their preferred method of communication.

Although the program isn’t too complicated to operate, there’s still a learning curve.

So, if you’ve only recently discovered Discord there is a good chance that you’re trying to figure out some of the basics options.

One of these options is the color of your name.

You are aware that the color of your name could change. But how do you do it?

How do you alter the color of your name or role in Discord?

To alter the hue of your name or role to change the color of your name or role, select your server’s username (top left side) and then click “Server settings.” Then go the “Roles.” Now, choose which role you want to play from the list of roles. On the right-hand side there is the name of your role and below, you’ll see “Role Color.” Now to change your role’s color, simply select one of the colors that are predefined or click “Custom Color” to choose the color you like (you can also enter an HEX Color Code there). You will require permission from the administrator to modify these settings!

You must have the appropriate permissions to change the color

It is important to note that not everyone can change the color of their name.

Most of the time, only admins can alter the color for roles (names).

As an everyday user on a server, you won’t have the right to alter the color of your avatar (=change roles since colors are given on a basis of roles).

The changing of colors is based on a ranking system

On a variety of Discord servers, you can see that the hue of your username could change over time as you progress in your level.

In a nutshell In a nutshell: On many Discord servers, the different roles are distinguished by distinct colors. As you progress it is possible that your username may change.

Color is a matter of the hierarchy

On Discord, Every member on Discord is able to play many different roles. As we’ve seen, every role could be different in shade.

In other words, if you play at least 5 roles, and each of these five characters has their own hue what color will your name’s color be what color will your name be?

Your name will reflect the color of the most prestigious role you earned.

The highest position?

Yes. If you click on the server’s name at the upper left-hand corner part of your screen navigate into “Server settings” and then change on “Roles”, you will find the Roles section.

The list below is a hierarchical listing. So, at the top of the list you will find the most prestigious position. The roles below it are inherited the color and features (unless specified otherwise) from the highest role.

If the color for the top position is yellow, and we’ll say that there’s a position below it has green Your name will be the color yellow. This is assuming that you’ve been assigned to both of these roles.

It is however possible to modify the settings to ensure that a role with a lower level in the hierarchy could provide you with the name color instead of getting the color of the name from the position that is higher on the ladder.

To change this, in that same section (“Server setting” and finally “Roles”), you should ensure you have the setting “Display role members separately from online members” is disabled for the role you wish to deactivate (only for the color of the role! ).

Discord: Award names/role colors via Patreon

When you’re the manager of the server you may also grant colors on Patreon.

For instance, you could reserve names in colors for patrons only.

This means that only those who have a subscription via Patreon will be able to be able to get a colored rank on your Discord.

To get this accomplished, you’ll be required to join Patreon to Discord.

Discord Colored names and roles Questions

If I am a regular member of Discord, as a regular member of a Discord server, is it possible to alter the hue of my username?

As a regular user with no specific permissions, you aren’t able to change the color of your name. You’ll need admin privileges to change the color of your name. The color of the name depends on the role you are in since the color is determined by your role. If there’s an option to level up to be in use, it may quite possibly be that you’ll get a different name color when you move up (which means that once you have reached the level you will be granted a different, more prestigious position).

Does anyone know of a bot that could manage the color scheme in Discord?

Actually, there’s an automated system that manages the color-coding of roles and names in Discord. It’s known as Color-Chan. Once you have installed this but you’ll have more freedom in coloring names and roles in Discord. You can download the bot here.

If I have multiple roles (each with its own color) Which shade will the name of my role be?

If you have multiple roles, you’ll get the color that corresponds to the most important job. The colors and roles are ordered. Thus, lower roles take on the traits (such as the colors) from roles that are higher. You can alter the hierarchy of roles using a simple drag and drop feature in the list of roles (“Server settings” before moving into “Roles”). The first role on the list is the most important and the final role on the list is the lowest level of responsibility. To modify the order of things, drag and drop the role to a new position within the list.

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