Computer Security Tips To Protect Your Self You Must Know

By | January 3, 2019

Computer Security Tips To Protect Your Self You Must Know

Computer Security Tips To Protect Your Self You Must KnowI got a lot of e-mails regarding how to get secure yourself.
I thought of writing an article on computer security.

So, let’s Go to some information.

Some things you have to take in mind while using your computer on a networked mind.

Here are some computer security tricks to know about.

Computer Security Tips To Protect Your Self You Must Know

6 Computer Security Tips

1) Use a Firewall:-

A Firewall is a software or hardware-based system which controls the network traffic for security purpose and analyzing network that
the data packets and determining whether they should be allowed through or not. I will like to recommend Comodo Firewall which is free and straightforward to use. Using a Firewall is just a Computer Security tip that I want to mention.

2) Use Antivirus:-

An Antivirus program is a type of software which protects us from your Latest Computer, Viruses & it tells us that which program which is good or bad. but you have to update it daily because by updating daily and your antivirus gets inform of new vulnerabilities.

3) Updating software system:-

New vulnerabilities are found in software system like the operating system. We have to update our Operating System daily or weekly basis which will make us up-to-date. I will prefer to buy original windows and make them update daily for getting new features.

4) Use complicated passwords:-

User Of Internet has to use a complicated password for your social networking sites or Online Banking Account. There are some attacks which can crack your weak password easily. This Attack is call brute forcing attack. which can discover your password directly. if your password is just of 4 to 6 characters. your password will easily get discover by brute force attack.

I will refer you to use an alphanumeric password for your social networking sites or any other online sites in which you used to log in daily. your password will harder to get crack if your password is alphanumeric (which includes numbers, character, and symbol) and it should be 8 to 32 character.there are so many tools over the internet which can tell you the strength of your password.

5) Use Totally Different Password:-

Make Sure that you are not using any dictionary word which can be crack easily. Make sure that which password you have made is not used by you in your daily life. which can be cracked easily and you may get lost access to your account.

6) Always Keep This In Mind:-

 Keep in mind while browsing internet don’t install anything . if don’t know about that thing. just ignore that
› For online banking user:- just keep in mind that see the address bar that you are only browsing the right site.
 If you will get an email or anything which has a link to anything. it may be suspicious. so just ignore that.

6 Computer Security Tips

If any user has any information about security you can share in comments below.



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