How To Convert Vhd To Iso Easily Vhdx

In most cases, we must combine into one file an image of everything on the disk. For VHDX virtual disks you are able to build an ISO image with a couple of tools. If you read this article and be able to understand How how to change VHD into ISO VHDX easily.

What is a virtual drive VHDX?

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Virtual disk VHDX is the second edition of virtual disks designed by the corporation Connectix. In the beginning, VHD became known as the file format used to create an actual hard disk. In actuality, it’s yet possible to make a virtual disk VHD with Windows. Then, there was VHDX, the next generation (VHDX) also known as virtual hard disk v2, which is limited to 64 Tb.

In 2003 the company Microsoft acquired Connectix and announced that the VHD format available to users. Then, Windows Server 2012 added VHDX in Hyper-V (a hypervisor that supports the virtualization technique).

What is the virtual disk, VHDX?

Things, like adding a hard disk to a virtual machine running Windows to boost capacity of storage, implementing the necessary optimizations to avoid a decline in performance for massive physical disks, and protecting your system from data corruption, can be done through the use of a virtual hard disk V2 (or “VHDX”.

A virtual disk can contain V2 partitions on a disk or file system or everything that is stored on an internal HDD (HDD). It is important to note that a virtual disk VHDX safeguards your PC from power outages under the Hyper-V server.

How do I change VHD into ISO VHDX easily?

For the conversion of a virtual drive VHDX into ISO quickly, you require VHDX as a virtual drive and ISO images of the operating system. 32 or 64 bits, based on the device and the GImageX application as well as UltraISO.

Download the “GImageX”


GImageX is a tool that is free to image using extension from the file. It has a user-friendly interface for running commands in order to take a picture of the entire hard disk. GImageX download on the site autoitconsulting .

After downloading the installation package, open the .exe extension file and then sit back while the software installs on your system.

Download UltraISO tool

UltraISO is a program that allows the creation of, modification, and ISO conversion of files for optical discs of CD/DVD. You can access this software by href=””> website. After downloading the application start the installation file and then wait until the procedure to complete.

Access Disk Manager

On the Windows 10 operating system, use the “Win + X” keys and then click “Disk Manager”. After that, search for “Action” select the “Exposing VHD” menu. There will be a brand new window that has the text box marked “Location”. Hit on the “Browse” button and locate the virtual hard drive VHDX.

Use the GImageX


Access GImageX, the program you that was previously installed. An interface that requires you to choose a list of elements is displayed. Within the “Source” select the drive in which is within the VHDX file. To select the destination, choose an option and then in the name field, type “install.wim”.

“SKU Flag” choose the “Ultimate” option. In the section “Description Information” writes “Captured by GImageX” (optional) or whatever information you want to include. Hit the “Create” “Create” button and wait until the conversion has been completed.

Use UltraISO

After you have completed the conversion process using GImageX Once you have completed the conversion process, launch the UltraISO program and then open the ISO image of your operating system. In the image, you’ll find the files contained in an area called “Source”. Then, find”install.wim” and replace it with “install.wim” and replace it with the new file “install.wim” you’ve created with GImageX.

Then, save the updated ISO file using UltraISO (containing the modifications to the .wim file) and mount the image as a device according to your needs and preferences. So, you’ll be able to access the ISO picture of VHDX, the image that you have created for your hard disk. In addition, you have the option to increase the size of your hard drive through Virtual Box.

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