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How do I delete all my Apple music library?

  1. This is a difficult question with several possible answers.
  2. The simplest solution is to utilise your computer’s iTunes programme.
  3. Open iTunes and navigate to File > Library > Organize Library, then choose “Consolidate Files.”
  4. This will consolidate all of the files in your iTunes library into a single folder.
  5. You may then remove the old directories, leaving you with only one file.
  6. Which is your complete music collection.

How To Delete All Songs In Apple Music (iPhone )

How do I delete my entire iTunes library and start over on iPhone?

This is a tough subject to answer because the text does not define “beginning afresh.” You may remove all of your music, movies, and podcasts from iTunes and start over by going to File -> Library -> Organize Library -> Consolidate Files. This will delete all files from your library and urge you to clear your Trash.