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How to easily Disable Program Run as Administrator on Windows 10

You certainly have seen the statement “Run as Administrator” sometimes if you are using Windows 10. So what does this mean? why it is important, when and how it works, and how to manage it according to your convenience. So this article is going to explain to you about what is the meaning and use of ‘run as administrator’ and how to Disable Program Run as Administrator.

What is the Meaning of “Run as Administrator”?

There are two main types of Windows accounts. The first one is standard user accounts and the second is administrator user accounts. System settings & usually limited or no access to operating system components may be configured by the administrator accounts. (There is an “Administrator” hidden account, but then any account could be an administrator.)

The intent of an administrative function is to propose a design to certain different facets of your operating system that could otherwise be affected by a common user account accidentally (either through malicious actions).

How to Check your Administrator Account?

You probably have an administrator account if you already own your PC and the account on the PC is not managed by your office or your workplace.

So to check the administrator account on your PC follow the steps given below

If you have a single account on the PC

  1. Go to ‘settings’.
  2. Click the ‘accounts’ option.
  3. Click on ‘your info’.
  4. If you are an administrator of the PC, you are going to see “Administrator” under your name.

If you have more than one accounts on the PC

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Click accounts option.
  3. Click on Family and Other users.
  4. Now you will be able to see who the administrator is.

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