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How to Disappear People From The “People You May Know” List On Facebook?

The “People you might have met” is an informative as well as a useful feature on Facebook. It displays the list of user profiles of people Facebook’s algorithm for mining data believes that you might actually be acquainted with (whether online or in person) and thus are likely to want to interact with.

Facebook is able to determine who “you might have met” by analyzing the networks you’re a member of, the friends you’ve got, and the contact numbers on your mobile devices, as well as those Pages and Groups that you’re a member on Facebook. You’ve likely seen the “People you might be friends with” page in the News Feed.

Sometimes, however, the names who are listed on the list are often ‘lost completely from the list. Why is that? There are two possibilities for why.

Reason #1: List Refresh

The most plausible explanation for someone to disappear from the “People you might have met” page on Facebook is that they’ve not actually disappeared. The list is simply been updated to show an entirely different set of people.

As we typically view this list on Our News Feed in the form of a horizontal scroll bar it is rare to see more than just a few ‘people we might have met’ at any given moment. If you believe that someone’s gone missing or has disappeared, you can increase the number of people listed to see the whole list and verify it.

To view the entire “People you might be familiar with” list, just select or click the tab ‘Friends’ in the sidebar on the Facebook homepage. After that, tap or left-click “See More” and you’ll be able find the “People you might have met” list. If you click on it, you’ll be able see all the people Facebook is currently thinking you could have contact with.

If you believe that the person who you thought disappeared isn’t on the list, refer to “Reason #2” below.

Reason #2: is that your interests or mutual contacts have changed

The most likely reason why somebody might have been removed off the “People you might be familiar with” list is because Facebook doesn’t think that you’ve met they are, or at least isn’t sure if they’re interesting to you.

It could be the case in the following scenarios:

You or both have been able to leave the Page or Group that you both were a part of

If you’ve erased the number from your phone book or Contacts app.

Your shared friend(s) have removed their Facebook profile or account

You’ve removed certain details from your network from your profile, which were linked to.

Of course, they’ve quit Facebook and removed their profile or account

That’s the end of knowing about the causes and the reasons why certain people aren’t on those on the “People you may have met” page on Facebook. For more details, or if need to ask a question, look up our FAQs at the bottom.