Discovery Plus Channel on DirecTV, Availability & Info 2022: Everything You Must Know

Is there a Discovery Plus channel on DirecTV? Probably the most often asked question following the discovery+ Launch. DirecTV is a satellite television platform service that provides consumers with access to a large number of television channels. This platform is more akin to a DishTV, Cables, Android TV, or FireStick substitute because it provides a plethora of television channels. Their prices are a little more, but people pay for them since they believe it is acceptable. Users of DirecTV are wondering if Discovery Channel will be available on their service.

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Discovery Plus Channel available on DirecTV?

A categorical NO! The Discovery Plus Channel is now unavailable on DirecTV. It would be illogical for the channel to partner with DirecTv now that they have their own app. We don’t believe Discovery Channel and DirecTV will be able to collaborate. Perhaps both of us can prove us incorrect! Remember that the DirecTV fees are many times more than those of the Discovery Plus app. Here is the DirecTV rate.

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Entertainment All Included ($64)

  • Perfect for sports fanatics
  • 160+ CHANNELS

CHOICE™ All included ($69)

  • Great for the whole family
  • 185+ CHANNELS

Ultimate All Included ($84)

  • Excellent for movie lovers
  • 250+ CHANNELS

What is Discovery Plus?

The Discovery Channel is well-known all across the world. They are well-known for their wildlife coverage, similar to National Geographic. Every day, animal lovers tune in to this station on television. It is the age of television applications. The Discover channel released its app Discovery Plus on June 4, 2021, after understanding the importance of apps.

This app operates on the Netflix model. An internet streaming service that provides self-created Discovery Channel programs. The Discovery+ App allows users to view all of Discovery Network’s sibling networks. According to Wikipedia, the following channels are linked with Discovery Network and are viewable on their app.

  • Animal Planet
  • Destination America
  • Discovery+
  • Discovery en Español
  • Discovery Family
  • Cooking Channel
  • Food Network
  • HGTV
  • Travel Channel
  • TLC
  • DIY Network
  • Discovery Familia
  • Oprah Winfrey Network
  • Science Channel
  • Motor Trend

Discovery Plus App Pricing

Discovery+, like Netflix, is a subscription-based app. It provides many packages with varying characteristics. There are currently two subscriptions from which consumers may pick.

Discovery Plus costs $4.99 a month with advertisements in the United States. Users must view the adverts associated with the material in this bundle.

The second subscription was $6.99 per month. The advertising is the difference between 4.99$ and 6.99$. Pay more money to avoid the vexing advertisements.

Users get 7 days to test the app service for free. There is no obligation to pay if they are satisfied.

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How to Watch Discovery Plus on DirecTV

The lack of a partnership between Discovery Plus and DirecTV does not preclude you from watching Discovery Channel on this satellite television platform. Remember how we stated before that DirecTV provides a comprehensive channel lineup? Many Discovery Channels are also available on DirecTV.

Some discovery subchannels are currently available, but not the major subchannels. According to our findings and those of several IT enthusiasts, Discovery Plus streaming is now unavailable on DirecTV and other similar satellite streaming providers. As a result, even if you have a DirecTV subscription, you will be unable to view Discovery Plus programs.

Because Discovery Plus is no longer available on DirecTV, you may still view Discovery Channel networks with your DirecTV subscription.

You can continue to view Discovery Channel networks if you have an Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, or Premier subscription. There have been no announcements that the channels would be removed from cable and satellite providers.

As a result, consumers can continue to watch Discovery Networks until further notice.

Users, please accept our apologies! who is hoping to find Discovery Plus DirecTV Also, I apologize to those people that desire DirecTV on Discovery Channel? It is not possible to have a full television channel streamer within a single media house app.

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What Channel is Discovery On Directv?

Here is a list of Discovery Plus channels that may be seen via DirecTV.

  • DirecTV Channel 278 (HD)
  • Channel 1278 (VOD)

Discovery’s channel number on several other satellite television platforms is,

  • Channel 120 on Verizon FiOS (SD) 620 (Channel) (HD)
  • Channel 182 on Dish Network (HD)

List of Devices/OS where you can watch Discovery Plus?

The Discovery media company made every effort to make the Discovery+ app available on as many devices as possible. As you can see, Discovery Plus is not available on DirecTV! Here are several places where you may use the Discovery Plus app to watch channels, content, and so on.

  • Apple users may watch Discovery Plus on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch by downloading the official app from the App Store. Discovery is also available on Apple TV.
  • Users of Amazon Fire TV can install the app on their TV.
  • Roku users may watch the Wild Life phenomenon through Discovery Channels and subs on their devices.

Other operating systems and devices that allow you to watch Discovery Plus include Android phones and tablets.

  • Chromecast compatibility with Google Smart TVs (Samsung 2017 or above Smart TVs)
  • Xbox 360 by Microsoft (One, Series X, and Series S)


People, wonder, “Why to subscribe to Discovery Plus when the channels are available on DirecTV?” There are two primary causes for this. First and foremost, there is a great possibility that Discovery Channels may be deleted from DirecTV. Second, the Discovery Channel declared that, in the near future, it will develop content for users in the same way that Netflix does.

Discovery and DirecTV are in no way comparable. Both platforms are important and provide different types of services. DirecTV is a satellite television provider, whereas Discovery+ is a mobile app that concentrates on main and sub-channels. We can’t suggest subscribing to Discovery+ instead of DirecTV or vice versa.

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