How to fix Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch [Solved] 2020

    Dragon Age Inquisition is an EA Sports game. It was released in November 2014 and was the third part of the Dragon Age Sequel. The game is considered to be ‘Role-play’. The game is available on different platforms like Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox.

    If you want to download Dragon Age Inquisition, follow the below links for different platforms:

    We suggest downloading or purchase the game directly from EA Sports.

    For various reasons, the game Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch. Even if you would have installed it properly, there could be a possibility that the game would return ‘Launching Error‘.

    Do not worry, we have summarized the solution below to fix Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch Error.

    Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch

    Let us begin with the article and proceed with the most basic fix towards the error.

    1. Run Computer on Administrative Mode

    The very first step is to run the computer on Administrative mode, this will ensure that you will have rights on all the options in further steps.

    2. Searching for System Configuration

    Now, in the search bar type ‘MSConfig‘. You will find ‘System Configuration‘ application is displayed.

    Now right-click on it and click on ‘Run as administrator‘.

    Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch Issue

    3. Navigating to Service Tab

    After the System configuration application opens, on the main menu you will find the ‘Services‘ tab. Click on it.

    Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch Issue

    4. Disabling Services

    Now we have to disable services and change their status to ‘Stopped‘. To do so, it is really important to filter ‘Microsoft Services‘ from the list.

    Click on ‘Hide all Microsoft services‘. Now, click on ‘Disable all‘.

    After all the services are disabled, now click on ‘Ok‘.

    Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch Issue

    5. Go to Task Manager

    Now once again go to the search bar and search for ‘Task Manager‘. Click on it to open (preferably run as administrator).

    Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch Issue

    6. Navigating to Startup and Disabling

    Now, navigate to ‘Startup’ from the menu. You will find a list of applications, few may be enabled and few disabled. Disable all the un-wanted applications and close the application.

    Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch Issue

    7. Restart the PC and Launch Game

    Finally, restart your PC and Launch the Game.


    Thank you for reading our article on ‘How to fix Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch Issue‘. We hope that your launching error was fixed. Please comment below and let us know. Follow us for more game-related fixes.

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