How to easily fix error E71 on Xbox 360

An E71 error is an unusual issue for the console users of Xbox 360. Although, when it occurs, you can go for a very simple solution. We are going to tell you about the solution which can be used when this error occurs, so keep reading this article to know how to easily fix error E71 on Xbox 360. 

How to easily fix error E71 on Xbox 360

About E71 error on Xbox 360

“E71” is the kind of code that refers to ab error. It is normally issued by Xbox 360 console in case there is any failed update occur while performing it. Sometimes, it also occurs when a user has no idea about what to do next when Xbox gets turned off while updating period. This kind of error stops the console to work properly and smoothly.

Why does E71 error occur?

Usually, this error E71 on Xbox 360 is connected to the applications which contain updates on the particular thing. When the Glitch “Xam.xex file” fails to load on the main screen, this error occurs. 

At the time, this E71 error occurs, the Xbox console shows red light on the main screen with a sign E71. It means, they are instructing the user to contact the MS support teams. Just for this, it is advised that to avoid such an error after updating your Xbox by USB without any internet connection. 

How to fix this error E71 on an Xbox 360?

To fix this error E71 on Xbox 360 without any other issues, make sure to follow the procedure mentioned below. All of these steps are individually work to fix the error, you can go for any of them. 

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Get the E71 error code

The code for E71 error is often coming as 1013. In case you are willing to check this code, click the “Synchronization” button, and with that, click the DVD eject button too. 

You will get to know the first digit which is associated with the E71 error after this process. With pressing the sync button, also press the eject button once more then you will get the send digit on your screen. Keep repeating the same process until you will get all four digits. 

To fix error E71, Restore your console

You can correct this error E71 on Xbox 360 very easily after the restoration of the same thing. It means the console would easily go back to the factory settings. 

To perform this process, you have to turn on your Xbox 360 without inserting any disc. After that, enter the system setting and choose the console sitting in it. Click on the “left and right trigger” buttons, “X”, “Y”, then “lest and right bumper”, “Y”, “up”, “left”, up buttons. Keep repeating these combinations as much as it needed to perform the work. 

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Format your Xbox 360 hard drive

This is one of the most efficient ways to fix the error E71 on Xbox 360. All you have to do is to format the Xbox 360 hard drive. 

To format the hard drive, access the console without inserting any disk. Go to locate the file to see the storage of your device. Then choose the hard drive and click the “Y” button. After that, choose the “Format” option and click Yes to proceed with it further. 

Reset the console to Fix error E71 on the Xbox 360

This is another simple option to fix the error E71 on Xbox 360. All you have to do is to reset the Xbox factory settings. To perform this, first, turn off the unit and click the Sync button. Hold this button for a while and wait for the console to turn on. Wait for the platform to fully boost up until it’s done. 


That’s it! With the help of these procedures, you can easily fix the error E71 on an Xbox 360. We hope the above information was helpful for you to do these technical things with so much ease. If you have any queries regarding that, feel free to leave a comment below. 

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