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How to Enable Tips in Square

Many restaurants make use of Square tablets to take payments. This technology makes it simple for customers to write a note on the receipt. It is then automatically emailed. However, there’s one downside: you need to ensure that you include the tip amount on each receipt. In order to avoid that, you can simply turn off the feature. This will stop customers from accidentally not leaving any tips. To find out how you can allow tips to be added in Square Follow the steps listed below.

First step signing up to get the Square account. After signing up, head to your Studio Profile and toggle the tip button to the position of Google. You can switch the feature off at any point. After you’ve activated tips, you will be able to decide if you want to include an option to include a tip line on each invoice. If you don’t want to incorporate tips in your invoices, you are able to take them off the list.

Tips can be turned on in Square by changing the settings within the Studio Profile. Once you’ve completed this, you will be able to enable the tip field on your invoices. It is also possible to disable it at any time. After you’ve set up tips, you’ll be able to learn how to manage customer feedback within Square. In order to include the option of a tip line on your invoices, you’ll be required to activate Square within the settings of your Square account.

How to add automatic gratuities on Square Pooled By Transaction:

You can set up you Square timecards to accept tips to be pooled or directly through transactions. You can also choose the option to deactivate or make tips available for every team member on the Team Profiles of Members. After that, you can choose the tip category that is applicable to each team member. To modify the tip eligibility you need to click”tips” or the “tips” icon next to the name of the team member in the section for Team Members. After that, make a personalized message.