Exclusive Interview of Nikhil Founder of Squarems

By | January 2, 2019

Exclusive Interview of Nikhil Founder of Squarems

Hello friends! we are also taking interview of famous bloggers for readers welfare. by the interview, we will come to know that what are secrets of pro bloggers are. So by not wasting your valuable time. Let us Proceed to interview.

Exclusive Interview of Nikhil Founder of Squarems

Exclusive Interview of Nikhil Founder of Squarems

Question: – Give us Some about you and your early Days?
Hi, I am Nikhil Waghdhare, 22-year-old dude blogs from Mumbai, India. I am perusing my college degree in BMS from Mumbai University.

I started my blogging career around one and a half years ago. I mostly know for my blog SquareMS, where I share my blogging tips, strategies and useful guide for bloggers.

I do blogging along with my education as a part-time hobby and love it.

Question:- At which time was your blog started?
It is a very long time. I don’t remember the exact date, but I started my blogging journey around the end of the year 2012. That time I don’t know too much about blogging and what blog is.

I started it as a fun and showoff. I started my website to show my friends that I have my personal website. And later it gets converted into the blog. Now, this becomes my hobby, addiction and I am thinking it as my future profession.

Question:- On how many blogs are you working currently?
Currently, I am working on two blogs. That is SquareMS (SMS) and Quick Passive Blog (QPB). Both blogs are from different competitive niche and need more smart work and great strategies to stay on top.

If I talk about SquareMS, this is a blog, I have known for on the web. On this blog, I share my blogging strategies, tools, SEO tips and guides.

Recently I started another blog named Quick Passive Blog, where I am going to share my internet marketing knowledge with users. This blog is live but still under development and soon get lives with great content and traffic.

Question:- Which Blog was your first blog?
SquareMS is my first blog, which I started around the end of 2012. It is my first website, which I started as a showoff. Now it is quite popular on the internet.

Question:- Give us the latest statistics (Visitors, earning and other that you want to share) of your famous blog Squarems Blog?
I frankly speak; I am not getting huge traffic like other blogs, but still, manage to get around 3000+ visitors to my blog from different sources. My earning is not still as high as other bloggers, but I manage to earn around three figures a month.

Actually, my primary motto is not to earn money. I only want to get more and more famous on the internet. And I think blogging is a good platform for me to achieve this thing.

Question:- Tell something about your blog?
My both blogs are focused on different niche and have different levels of competitions.

If I talked about SquareMS blog, it is my first blog, which I started around the end of 2012. It focuses on blogging, WordPress and SEO strategies, tips and tricks. I share my best blogging strategies tools and guide on this blog.

Quick Passive Blog is different where I am going to focus on marketing, conversion, and branding. It is a very competitive niche and wants a great effort to stay on top in competition. There are already many well-established authority players in this niche. And it is very tough to compete with them.

Question:- From where you got the name and idea of your blog?
Actually, both blog names I got from different concepts. If I talk about SquareMS, the name I got from my startup, which was going to focus on a social media platform. But due to some problems, my startup cannot get a life and is replaced by a blog.

Quick Passive Blog has a different story. I got this name by combining two big blogs in the marketing industry. I have taken ‘Quick’ from Neil Patel’s blog and ‘Passive’ from Pat Flynn’s blog and after all, it represents my blog, therefore, I ended it with term blog, in short, the Quick Passive Blog.

Question:- Tell us how you climb the success ladder as a timeline?
I am still struggling in the way success to create my own authority. For me, success is an ongoing journey and I am still far away from my destination.

I am not successful and still learning many new things from best industry experts.

Question:- Give us insight about your struggle period in blogging?
My first year of blogging is a most struggling period for me. When I started my first blog, I am not aware of the concept of the blog. As I said earlier, it all started with a show off with a single page website.

My first six months of blogging goes into learning the meaning of blogging and tactics. I am still not aware of that blog can make money. It takes me a one year to learn all the things in blogging like how to drive traffic, make money, keyword research and many other things.

After completing my first year my blogging journey takes a new shape. I took me just two months earn my first $100 on the internet and not it is growing.

It has never to let to get started, but get started right.

Question:- What made you the most trouble and how you came from that when you have started blogging?
For me, the first trouble is to learn the concept of blogging because I am not aware of the concept at that time. Even I did not know that blogs could make money.

Then all troubles get started because I caught the boss of troubles. Creating content, promoting it, drive traffic, managing time between education and blogging and many more.

I just experience that, if you know nothing about something and running behind it, then you have to face many troubles at the beginning like me.
Now the scenario has changed and these entire things feel like fun and challenge for me.

Question:- What is your success secret?
Actually, there is no secret for my success. I believe in Just keep walking and believing in your karma, success will get rewarded by time.
I am still very far my destination and I am no considering my little achievement as a success.

Question:- What tools do you use?
I use very few tools for blogging like Buffer for social media promotion, windows live writer for blogging, Photoshop to edit images and Google keyword tool for keyword research.

Question:- What bloggers should do and what not should do?
There is not one specific thing that blogger must have to do and not to do. All these things they will learn by time because different peoples have a different mindset and different niche where they are focusing.

I only suggest one thing ‘Learn as much as in the beginning and start with a boom.’

Question:- Name some bloggers that you have got inspiration or your icon bloggers?
There is no specific icon blogger for me.

If I talked about inspiration I take is from my selective sources like Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, Jon Morrow, and Matthew Woodward etc.

My list of bloggers is very selective with great content as well as blogging inspiration.

Question:- What do you think about blogging and bloggers in India in the past, present, and future?
If I talk about India blogging scenario, it is taking new shapes every day. Nowadays, blogging not limited to content or portfolio, it becomes great professions and solid business opportunities for many young and aspiring dudes.

The one good thing about blogging is, it’s a little investment business even sometimes you can start with zero also and later you can convert it into a million dollar business opportunity. Isn’t it seems great?

Question:- Which Quality of new bloggers influenced you most?
I am influenced by their energies, positive and quick learning attitude towards blogging. These things inspire me a lot. They only need proper guidance to rock their blog on the internet.

But I also see many aspiring boys enter into blogging, try for one or two years and later quit. Why? Because they cannot get proper guidance or they cannot learn and run behind only making money.

Blogging is not a one-day game and you are not going to become rich in one day. You need continues effort, tactics and proper plan to get success.

Question:- Give your suggestions for the new bloggers?
Learn as much as you can in the beginning, implement it faster and scale your blogging quickly. Do not focus on making money. Try to provide useful content and money will flow to you.

Question:- Do you like Creative Blog Thinking?
Oh yes, I like creative blogging ideas. If you look at the oatmeal blog, it is a most creative blog I found on the internet.

I love bloggers who are creative with their blog. Even sometimes, I also do creative experiments with my blogs.

Question:- What do you suggest our team grow?
If your team decides to make a career in blogging, just stay focus. Produce more quality content that fills the gap. Plan a better blogging strategy for the future.

First, try to create your reader’s database or building your community. Do not focus on making money, money will flow to you but first clear all your basics.

So, That’s All Friends! Tell us your views about these interviews. How much you enjoyed while reading and tell us which question you want to ask from pro-blogger. We help you to get that answer in front of you.

Thank you for reading this post. Happy Blogging.



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