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Fix for fire stick problem with amazon prime error code 9912

When attempting to use your fire stick or smart TV to access your streaming service, are you encountering the Amazon Prime error code 9912?

Knowing the cause of the error code 9912 on your streaming service is important because Amazon Prime offers a variety of entertainment, from the newest movies to binge-worthy series.

You can troubleshoot your app by following our simple steps, and then you can resume watching all of your favorite shows without any further interruptions. This error code 9912 on Amazon Prime Video is a transient issue and can be fixed, which is why we have created this easy-to-follow guide for you.

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9912 on Amazon Prime mean?

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Users who attempt to stream content from their app may encounter the Amazon Prime error code 9912 on the Fire TV or Firestick.

Since the problem is intermittent and only temporary, it will eventually go away on its own. However, since the error code is caused by outdated software on your TV or outdated Amazon Prime, it is advisable that you troubleshoot your device to fix the problem.

What internet speed is required for Amazon Prime?

Your internet speed may not be sufficient, which might influence performance and cause hiccups when you try to stream, and as a result, your Amazon Prime video app may be encountering error code 9912.

  • Standard streaming requires 0.9Mbps.
  • For high HD, 35Mbps

By using this link, you can stay informed about your internet speed. Notably, it may be advantageous to unplug other devices that are linked to the same network as your Amazon Prime app in order to offer your streaming app more bandwidth.

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How can I fix Amazon Prime issue 9912?

Since this error number is only temporary, you can resolve the problem by investigating your equipment.

1. Remove the cache files

When you activate the application and stream, cache files are kept on your device to enhance app performance because they cache data to speed up processing.

However, if these files are faulty, your program may malfunction.

These files can be cleared out to free up storage space and get rid of any damaged files.

Step 1: Click “Settings” on your Fire TV smart device.

Step 2: Select “Applications.”

Step 3: Choose “Manage Installed Applications” in step three.

Step 4: Select “Clear Cache” after finding Amazon Prime.

Step 5: Click on “Clear Data.”

Now, the cache files will be deleted.

2. Complete the updates.

When your Fire TV’s operating system needs to be updated or the Amazon Prime app is out-of-date, these are two common reasons why this error number appears. This will guarantee that your software is compatible with both your Fire TV and the Amazon Fire app;

Step 1: Enter your TV’s “Settings” to update the software.

Step 2: Select “My Fire TV.”

Step 3: Click on “About”

Step 4. Now you may select “Check for Software Update.”

However, if you need to manually verify that Amazon Prime is up to date, you should set your smart TV’s applications to update automatically;

Step 1: Click “Apps” on your home screen.

Find Amazon Prime in step two.

Step 3: On your remote control, select “More Info.”

Step 4. If it gives you the option, choose “Update” at this point.

Restart your TV and, if applicable, your Firestick after the updates are finished.

3. Reset the power

The connections between your Amazon Prime app and their server will be refreshed if you power cycle your smart TV.

Step 1: Turn off your TV Step 2: Unplug it from the outlet

Step 3: Delay re-plugging it into the outlet for a few minutes.

Step 4: Restart your TV and open Amazon Prime

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