How To Fix Grim Dawn Errors, Crashes, FPS Issues, Not Starting

Grim Dawn was released on Steam a few days ago, and fans say it’s a terrific game with only a few glitches. When you play the game, you are transported to an apocalyptic fantasy world in which humanity is on the edge of extinction, iron is more important than gold, and trust must be earned.

Like Diablo 3, this game contains sophisticated character development, hundreds of unique items, crafting, and objectives.

The most common Grim Dawn flaws noted by players include crashes, FPS difficulties, and the game not beginning. To remedy these issues, please see our tutorial below, which provides workarounds and quick fixes.

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How to Fix Grim Dawn Errors:

  1. Grim Dawn Error/Crashes: A huge number of people have reported random crashes while playing the game or crashes at launch. Follow the procedures described below to resolve this issue.

“It looks that a number of people (including myself) are experiencing crashing issues that make the game unplayable. It is also not properly tuned for some PCs because it is based on a wide range of requirements.”

“Right now, I’m experiencing a lot of freezes and crashes. Is there anything in the prior two upgrades that might have caused this problem? When it freezes, my CPU use drops to approximately 50% and then surges to 100%, which is when I get a freeze. And I’m stumped as to what’s generating the odd crashes. It just prompts the game to terminate for no apparent reason around one-fourth of the time it freezes.”


This issue is commonly caused by corrupted game files. Examine your game’s installation:

  • Right-click Grim Dawn in your Library and select “Properties.”
  • Select the “Local Files” tab.
  • Select “Verify the Integrity of the Game Cache.”
  • Steam will re-download the missing file.

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  1. Grim Dawn Won’t Start, for some players, the game will not even start; they click Play in their Steam Library and nothing happens, or they receive the message “Executable not found.” Use the workaround mentioned below to resolve this issue.

“Since the release update, the game will not open.” It displays the game operating for a few seconds (green border on my steam screenshot) before reverting to blue. There are no popups, bugs, or other issues. “I tried repair.exe, but it didn’t work.” “Do you have any recommendations?”

“The game will not begin properly. I get a black screen on half of my monitor every time I turn on or try to start the game (the other half is my desktop background). I can hear the game sound…or, at the very least, the croaking of frogs, which I assume is a game feature. And I can see the mouse cursor change to a hand pointer….but that’s it.”


Your anti-virus application misidentified Grim Dawn.exe as a virus and deleted the game executable. Grim Dawn is thoroughly virus-checked before each patch. Add the Grim Dawn steam folder to your scan exclusions list(usually “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common/Grim Dawn”). For instructions, see the handbook for your specific anti-virus programme, as well as this website.

You must confirm the game installation in Steam once you have excluded the Grim Dawn folder from scanning.

  • Right-click Grim Dawn in your Library and select “Properties.”
  • Select the “Local Files” tab.
  • Select “Verify the Integrity of the Game Cache.”
  • Steam will re-download the missing file.

A blank screen at the start of the game is commonly the result of wrong game settings. After executing “Repair.exe” from the Grim Dawn installation folder ( (usually “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common/Grim Dawn”), try again.

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  1. FPS Grim Dawn Difficulties include the game’s performance difficulties, which include freezes, FPS issues, low FPS, and FPS dips. Follow the actions described below to remedy this.

“The game’s continual freezing frustrates me, and I’m not a fan of losing an hour of progress, oddly enough?”

“A few months ago, I was able to run this game at 100+ frames per second in any scenario, anyplace.” I can’t even keep it stable at more than 80 frames per second anymore, and in certain places, I’m down to 45 frames per second, which feels a lot less.”


You can alleviate performance problems by restricting the frame rate. You might also try turning off anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering while keeping the other settings low. Play around with the settings until you find something that keeps you at a consistent frame rate.

Check to see whether your computer is overriding graphical settings, such as the Nvidia GeForce Experience.

We hope that our advice and solutions helped you with your Grim Dawn troubles and that you can now play and enjoy the game. Have a great time! – Errors in Team Games

If you encounter any further issues or come across a solution that is difficult to apply to your game, please post a comment and we will assist you.

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