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How to Fix Logitech G933 Mic Not Working Problem

Logitech G933 is a very popular model of headset amongst people with budget-constraints. The company is a popular choice for devices for students and gamers in particular for their economical and budget-friendly range. Recently, it was noted that after a potential Windows 10  update, the Mic of the Logitech G933 software or Headset stopped working. Soon enough, a common term for the problem, Logitech G933 Mic Not Working started trending.

Common issues reported related to the Logitech G933 mic not working discord-

  • Logitech headset G933 mic not working
  • Logitech G933 flashing red
  • Logitech G933 Xbox One mic not working

News such as this can’t be good for people, because functional issues such as this point to the device going bonkers. Thus, commonly people think that buying a new device would solve the problem. But, as the problem is related to the model, buying a new headset will most surely not solve the issue. Solution?

You. Yes, you that too without anyone’s help would be able to solve the problem with easy to follow fixes. All you need to do is follow the article for all the right Fixes For this problem.

How to Fix Logitech G933 Mic Not Working Problem

But, before we start, like in the case of any other problem, it is important to ponder over the causes. In this case, we will discuss the causes behind the Logitech G933 mic not working discord before finding the solutions accordingly.

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Fixes For Logitech G933 Mic Not Working – How to Fix Logitech G933 Mic Not Working Problem

All Causes and Fixes
Windows 10 UpdateSearch for newer updates or go back to the previous version
Device AccessCheck permissions
Sound levelLow sound level may not be transmitted properly
Port IssueChange the Port
Compatibility Issue (Logitech G933 Xbox One mic not working)Connect with a wire, wireless doesn’t work
Charge Issue (Red Flash)Discharge and then charge the battery

The above table shows you the quick solutions to fix the issue you are facing related to the Logitech G933 headset mic not working. If you couldn’t follow, then follow the article to find various methods and learn the easy steps needed to fix the above-mentioned issues.

1) Check Device Access

Follow the steps

  • On your Windows 10, press the Windows or start key on your keyboard or use your mouse pointer to click on the start icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • Now on the left side find the settings icon and click on it.
  • Wait for the settings window to open.
  • Now from the options, find and select Privacy.
  • On the left side of the screen, navigate to Microphone under app permissions.
  • Now on the right side of the settings window, click on the change button.
  • Click on the toggle under the Microphone for this device to switch it ON. Switching it ON will allow the microphone access and turn the toggle blue.
  • Also, Check and turn ON the toggle button under the ‘allow apps to access your microphone’ option.
  • Now close the window, and try connecting your headset to check if the ‘Logitech headset G933 mic not working’ issue persists.

If it does, then move on to the next method.

2) Change Device Settings

Follow the steps

  • Press the Start or Windows key on your keyboard along with R to open the Run prompt on your system.
  • Now on the typing space in front of Open, type in Control.
  • After typing, press Enter and wait for the Control Panel to open in a new window.
  • Now navigate your mouse pointer to the top right corner of the window and click on the category next to view by.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on the Large Icons option.
  • Now from the options on the window, find and double-click on