How To Fix Reddit Error Code 504 On Your PC Or Laptop

Are you surfing the Reddit website using your computer And suddenly an error message from the default gateway code 504 appears on your screen? This article will explain the reason you get this error and the best way to solve it.

A common feature of all popular websites is that they have glitches or bugs or bugs, and Reddit is no exception. It is possible to visit the subreddit that is addressing the issue you’re experiencing but we’re discussing the problems within Reddit itself. Sometimes, subreddits aren’t able to provide the information you need.

In the end, many Reddit users have reported that when trying to connect to the Reddit website using their computer, they usually get a 504 error displayed on the screen. The website will not load in any way. Find out what causes the error code 504 and the reason for this Reddit website to function in this manner.

What is the 504 Gateway Timeout Reddit?

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Reddit receives huge amounts of traffic each day. This is why they utilize load balancers to bridge the gap between you and Reddit servers and to manage the huge traffic. When you go to Reddit’s website Reddit website, you’re directed to a different server each time you visit the site in order to make sure that the site is always loading.

If the load balancer discovers that there is a Reddit server is not working and reroutes the user to another server until the damaged one is back in operation. This assures that the Reddit website functions smoothly without alerting you to the issues in the backend.

But, when the Reddit servers are overwhelmed and all its servers are full and the load balancer is unable to locate a server that is less busy to redirect you. At this point, the load balancer goes in the process of locating a functioning server, which takes 30 seconds. It then displays the 504 time-out error message if it cannot find one.

What is the reason for the error 504 on Reddit?

A busy Reddit server is the main source of the error 504. The following causes can cause the error code to show on your screen.

You use the services of a VPN or proxy server to access Reddit’s website. Reddit website.

There are issues with your network that are related to the speed of the internet and the strength of WiFi signals.

DNS settings on the server or client-side are not properly configured or modified.

Operating system Firewall settings prevent from preventing Reddit servers from making connections to your web browser.

Your operating system on your PC is infected by the virus or.

How do I fix Reddit error code 504?

Try the following troubleshooting methods to identify the root that is causing Reddit Error Code 504 on the client’s side.

Refresh the website and wait for it to refresh.

The simplest and quickest solution to this Reddit gateway issue is to let it play out. Most of the time, the error is only temporary and can fixable by itself. So, you should wait several minutes before restarting this Reddit page to determine if it resolves the problem. If the issue persists then proceed to the next steps.

Reboot devices on networks in an order

Sometimes, problems with the network devices you use, such as routers or modems can cause the error 504 Gateway Time-out when you visit Reddit. Reddit website. It is possible to reboot the devices to correct the issue.

The most important aspect to remember here is that even though you can turn off all your network devices at any time, however, turning them on in a sequential manner is crucial. In order to do that, switch off your router or modem and then shut off your computer. Switch on the router , and ensure that all lights are on the device.

Then, turn on your computer and allow it to connect to the router or modem. You should be able to navigate the Reddit website without issue this time.

Remove VPN or proxy server

A proxy server improves your privacy online by residing in between the device you use and internet. Although it’s rare for proxy servers to cause an error of 504 in Reddit’s website Reddit site, this could occasionally be the cause. To avoid this possibility you should disable the proxy server in your Chrome browser using the following manner and then reload to the Reddit website.

  • Open a Chrome tab , then hit the triangle at the top right . Click on the menu and go to Settings.
  • Then, click the Advanced option in the left table.
  • Click on “Open your computer’s proxy settings” to the right.
  • In the Connections tab select LAN Settings, and then disable the your proxy server.
  • Click OK, then apply to save the latest modifications.
  • Flush DNS cache

Reddit errors 504 could be caused by DNS troubles on both the server or client-side. Most often it is a server-side DNS issue is triggered when Reddit has transferred the site to a different hosting provider and the host needs to wait 24 hours for the host to spread DNS records completely.

But, you can resolve the DNS issue by flushing DNS cache from both sides of the. To accomplish this with the Windows PC, open the command prompt, with administrative rights , and then type the command ipconfig/flushdns on the command line.

There will be the “Successfully flushed the DNS resolver Cache.” message once the command was successfully executed. After that, restart your browser and ensure you can access you can access the Reddit web page loads with no 504 error.

Remove firewall

In many instances, an improper firewall configuration may trigger this 504 Gateway error message. But, you can swiftly eliminate the possibility by temporarily deactivating the firewall in the following manner.

If you’re using a Windows PC, visit the control panel on the start menu on your desktop, choose Update & Security and then Windows Security > Virus and Threat Protection > Manage Settings. Then, search the Windows Firewall settings. Then, you can deactivate your firewall by option the “Turn off Windows firewall” option.

If you’re able to access the Reddit website, it indicates that you have to change the firewall settings, and then enable it to ensure smooth future accessibility.


This guide should assist you in understanding how to fix Reddit error 504 as well as how you must rectify it in order to access the content of your preferred subreddits. We suggest that you check your computer for bugs and viruses and then clean them up with an antivirus program that is reliable as they could cause the error to pop in your browser’s screen.

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