How to Fix the White Bar at the Top in File Explorer in Windows 10

    White Bar at the Top in File Explorer in Windows 10 is one of the most common problems seen by the users of Windows 10 who use it on dual screens. The white bar seems to be interactive but it does not display anything. After a restart or login out and again logging in the problem of the White Bar disappears, but this is not a permanent solution. If you also want to know the exact permanent solution of the white line which disturbs the interface, stick till the end.

    To be precise, the fix can vary from device to device and hard drive or the software version used by the user. Sometimes there are glitches with the graphics card which can cause this issue of the white line. Changing the display settings or restoring the previous settings may resolve the issue. But, if the issue is still there you can follow some of the methods described below in great precision, to resolve the issue of the white line at the top of File Explorer in Windows 10.

    Fix the White Bar at the Top in File Explorer in Windows 10

    Method 1: Changing the resolution of the screen.

    In this method the user needs to change the resolution of the screens temporarily and then change it back to normal resolution to tackle with the issue. To do so follow the steps given below.

    STEP 1– Visit the Graphics card settings.

    How to Fix the White Bar at the Top in File Explorer in Windows 10 1

    STEP 2– Select the option display and choose the screen for which you need to change the resolution.

    STEP 3– Alter the screen resolution to any aspect ratio other than the original one.

    STEP 4– Click on done and repeat the same step for the second screen.

    STEP 5– Now wait for few minutes and then change the resolution back to the normal resolution.

    Method 2: Enabling the full-screen option in the settings.

    This method was proven one of the best methods and has resolved the issue of white line in file explorer of many users. Basically, it enables the full screen mode while keeping the same aspect ratio and the dimension. To follow the procedure, look at the steps mentioned below.

    STEP 1– Visit the graphics card settings.

    STEP 2– Select the option of display and choose the screen which is creating issue.

    STEP 3– Select the full-screen display mode and make sure you over right all the application settings and allow the permission needed to do so.

    STEP 4– Now you just apply this setting.

    Method 3- Disabling the Hardware Acceleration

    If the previous methods did not work for you, you can disable the hardware acceleration. It is done via registry editor which stores all the data of the graphics. To do so, follow the steps below.

    STEP 1– Go the Windows search bar and search for Regedit.

    How to Fix the White Bar at the Top in File Explorer in Windows 10 2

    STEP 2– In the panel of navigation search for: “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Avalon.Graphics”.

    STEP 3– Right click on the panel and then click on DWORD.

    STEP 4– Rename DOWRD to DisableHWAAccelaration and modify it by clicking 1 when asked to save it.

    Hope the following Methods would be useful for the Users facing this Issue. You can comment down to let us know your views regarding this and was it helpful for you or not.

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