How To Fix XCOM 2 Errors, Crashes, Not Starting, Performance Issues in Steam

Many individuals are currently reporting XCOM 2 issues on the Steam Discussions Board. Many of them are complaining about the game’s poor optimization and performance issues, such as freezes and low FPS.

Users have reported the following XCOM 2 issues: Crashes, random crashes, or crashes during startup, Game Not Starting, and Performance Issues such as Stuttering, Freezes, and FPS issues. These challenges are explained here, as well as a bit of advice on how to fix them at the end of the post.

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Read below to fix the XCOM 2 errors:

Table of Contents

1) XCOM 2 Crashes, the most common crash in the game is the crash on startup, however, you may have random crashes when playing Xcom on occasion. You can tackle both of these problems by following our methodology and implementing our remedies.

“I both pre-ordered and pre-loaded the game.” However, it has been crashing on startups. I never ever played the game. When I hit the play button on the launcher, the game simply fails and claims XCOM2 has ceased operating. When I tried to test the integrity, it kept informing me that two files had failed to validate and would have to be obtained again. However, after downloading the launcher, I will execute it just to have it crash on startup.

Then, when I attempted to check the integrity for the second time, the two files were once again missing. It appears that launching the game destroys the two files. I’m out of ideas and can’t locate any help or support on the forum. Could someone please assist me? Can somebody give me an email contact for the XCOM support team, where I might be able to receive assistance? Thank you really a lot!”

Solution: To resolve the game crashes, go to the tutorial at the conclusion of this page on how to resolve the game’s key faults. More information may be found at the bottom of this post!

Also, you can apply the workarounds below.

  • Install from the game folder: Head to your library > Right click XCOM2 > Local Files > Browse Local Files > _CommonRedist > DotNet > 4.5.1 > NDP451-KB2872776-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe > Restart your PC
  • Install via Add/Remove Features: System Control > Add / Remove Features > Install Microsoft Frameworks

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2) XCOM 2 No Save Location: Some players are unable to save the game or receive an error message claiming that the save file is corrupt while attempting to load it. This problem has several solutions, all of which are given here. Use each option until your issue is addressed!

“My game won’t load save data.” This is a problem with Xcom, as I am aware. When I play Xcom2, I may save a game and it will tell me that it has been saved, but when I try to load it, it will tell me that the file is corrupt. The operating system is installed on an SSD, while the game is installed on a hard drive.

Documents are also copied to the HDD. Based on the Xcom problem, I feel this is important information. “Does anyone have any suggestions for what I could do?”

Solution 1:

1) Manually create the XCOM2 Save location in your My Documents: …\Documents\My Games\XCOM2\XComGame\SaveData
2) Make sure the user has full control over the XCOM folder

Solution 2: 

The XCOM 2 saves are not in the normal XCOM: EU folder, all your saves are in “\Documents\My Games\XCOM2\XComGame\SaveData”.

3) XCOM 2 Not Starting, you may be unable to start the game; some players are reporting code issues while attempting to launch the game, while others experience the game freezing at the intro. You must utilize our solution to address this issue, which can be found below beneath the issue complaints.

“I’ll start the game, and it’ll run through the business splash logos, but then it won’t reply, I can’t tab out, and nothing except what I think is the background to the title screen will appear.” All I can do now is restart my PC.”

“XCOM 2 will not start. Verified game file integrity, reinstalled a few times, disabled anti-virus (avast), changed language choices, and cleaned up graphics driver and fresh new install would not help. Is anyone else having similar problems?”

Solution: To address this issue, download and install our patch for the game; it will optimize it and allow you to start and play. More information on how to fix the game’s major flaws may be found in the tutorial at the bottom of this page.

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4) XCOM 2 Performance Difficulties, many players are reporting XCOM 2 Freezes, while others are reporting FPS issues such as Low FPS and FPS Drops, and a few are reporting Stuttering during the game or during cut scenes. Follow the simple solution below to resolve the game’s performance issues, and you’ll be playing with continuous FPS in just a few minutes!

“Has anyone had a problem with low frame rates? In the game, I’m getting anything from 25 to 36 frames per second, and I’m quite sure my GTX850M is considerably more capable than that O.o.”

“During the instructional voyage, I was receiving 45-50 frames per second, but now that I’m back in my spacecraft, I’m only receiving 3-5 frames per second.” “Can you tell me what’s going on?”

When the game does startup, I only get a few minutes or maybe half an hour before it crashes and I have to restart my PC to play it again.

It’s very vexing. I have a GTX 970, an i7-4790k, and 16GB of RAM, and based on the speed of the game when it does play, I don’t think my system is the issue.”

Quick Solutions: By applying our patch, you may quickly fix the game’s performance issues; see the tutorial below to discover how!

You can also use the following workaround: Reduce your AA to FXAA; you’ll hardly notice the difference and it’ll perform MUCH better. Use this guidance to fine-tune your video settings for quality and performance.

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XCOM 2 Tutorial To Fix Major Issues:

Our development team was able to generate a patch to aid you in resolving the aforementioned flaws. Our patch is shown below, along with a tutorial on how to use it and a download link. Please follow the instructions step by step before contacting us with any questions concerning your issues. Our patch will not interact with your Steam account; instead, it will replace specific files and.dll in the game folder to resolve the issues.

Follow the steps below to successfully apply the patch to your game.

How to Apply Our Patch:

  • Here’s where you can get the patch archive: download
  • After you’ve extracted the downloaded files to your PC, launch the patch from the patch folder.
  • Your GPU will be chosen automatically; if you have a laptop, be sure you select the dedicated GPU!
  • Choose the game executable from the game folder, which should be “C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamappscommonXCOM 2” if you installed it in the default location: “C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamappscommonXCOM 2”
  • Select your problem or problems from the right-hand box and press the “Fix” button.
  • After successfully correcting your errors, you may play the game by clicking the “Launch Game” button.

How to Download: You may think our download service is annoying, but it is quite effective. To download the patch, simply complete a brief offer, which usually takes a few minutes, and you will be allowed to do so. We use this service since it is the only way we can continue to support our developers and produce and update game patches. Thank you kindly! We hope you understand what we’re saying and have fun playing XCOM 2!

We hope that our tutorial helped you solve your XCOM 2 problems and that you are now playing and enjoying the game.

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