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Fix your anime with this guide in case of a Funimation error loading video

Have you tried to stream one of your favorite anime series on Funimation but received the message “Funimation has an Error Loading a Video”?

There are 10,000 episodes of movies and TV shows available on Funimation, and you can choose from several different subscription levels, like Premium Plus or Premium Plus Ultra, for a greater range of add-ons to improve your Funimation experience.

When you have paid a subscription fee to gain access to a streaming service, it is aggravating, to put it mildly, when the videos won’t load when you want to watch them.

To help you fix this mistake and resume enjoying your anime entertainment without any further obstacles, we have created this simple instruction.

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Why won’t the Funimation videos load?

Because of the settings you have made in your browser, the chosen video you are trying to stream from Funimation might not be working.

You might be using Incognito or another secret browser to access your Funimation account.

Your “Ad Blocker” being enabled and interfering with the app’s processing of your streaming could also be the cause of your videos not loading.

If Funimation’s server is down, you won’t be able to access it, which could prevent your videos from successfully loading.

This may be verified here.

You will need to be patient and wait for them to address the problem on their end if the server is down.

A poor internet connection that prevents the content from successfully streaming could also be to blame for the error your Funimation is facing when loading videos.

To stream videos at a regular quality level, you must have at least 2 Mbps, and 5 Mbps is required for better definition.

Additionally, this helps ensure that buffering won’t cause your content to be interrupted.

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How to resolve Funimation loading issues?

You can troubleshoot your device and the app if Funimation’s server is up and functioning without any issues but you are encountering a problem when attempting to load videos on the app.

1. Examine the network connection

Your app won’t be able to stream smoothly, which will prevent your videos from loading if your internet connection isn’t giving you enough bandwidth. To improve your device’s internet connection, you can also power reset your wifi router.

You can do this by turning off your router and unplugging it from the outlet. Prior to connecting it back in and turning the router back on, wait a few minutes.

2. Finish the updates

As upgrades remove any potential defects or corrupted software that may have developed through the use of its current version, it is crucial to make sure your Funimation is on the most recent version.

The device you use to watch Funimation should also be running the most recent version of its software because too much of a difference could result in an incompatibility problem.

On your app store, you can look for the app update. Choose the “Update” option if it is available.

You may check if there is a software update available for your device by going into the “General Settings” section.

3. Reinstall after uninstalling

The performance of the program can be improved by uninstalling and reinstalling it because it will get rid of any installed problematic software.

Depending on the device you’re using, you can either “uninstall” or “remove” the program.

Return to your app store and download Funimation again.

You won’t get a loading error if