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Fortnite Won’t Login on Switch: Here’s How To Fix This Error

If you’re here, we’re assuming that you are facing the same problem that a lot of gamers have encountered when playing Fortnite with Nintendo Switch, i.e., Fortnite won’t Log in on Switch.

Fortnite on consoles such as Nintendo Switch is fun to play. However the game of royal battle by Epic games wasn’t originally designed specifically for on the Switch console. So Fortnite players using Nintendo Switch often face random problems. Log in issues are the most frequent issue. When players try to play Fortnite, they find that Fortnite doesn’t log in on Switch.

So, we’ve examined the issue to determine the reason for it and ways to resolve it. This article we’ve explained every method to resolve Fortnite Log in issues. Fortnite Log in issue on Switch and a brief explanation of the reason what causes it to happen.

Why is Fortnite not let me log in?

If you’re unable to sign into Fortnite Fortnite game using Nintendo Switch, there are a few reasons to blame. Nintendo Switch, the following causes could be behind the problem:

Nintendo switch accounts is not tied with Epic games

The first requirement to play Fortnite regardless of the platform you play on is connecting the console account with your Fortnite epic gaming account. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on an Xbox, Playstation, or another platform, you’ll need to connect your accounts. Similar is the case for Nintendo Switch. If you don’t connect your account on the Switch to the epic games it will not let you login.

Already linked to a different account

This is a bit of a annoyance. A problem that gamers encounter every day. When trying to connect the Switch account with Epic Games, this message appears, “Failed to link account. Already associated with another Account.” Sometimes the message will pop up even if you’ve never registered an account. The issue is that it doesn’t reveal which account or ID it’s connected to.

This can occur when you attempt to sign in to Fortnite on the Switch however you aren’t following the correct procedure to connect the account. Epic Games then automatically generates an account on the Nintendo Switch.

This can occur when you attempt to login to Fortnite on the Switch but you don’t follow the correct procedure to connect the account. Epic Games then automatically generates an account on the Nintendo Switch.

Fortnite will not allow login on Switch because of an issue against other systems

As we’ve mentioned before, Fortnite wasn’t initially developed specifically for Nintendo Switch. Later, the platform was added. So, your Switch profile could clash with other platforms while linked with Epic Games. In particular, some reports show the Nintendo Switch conflicts with the Playstation when both are linked to Epic Games. Epic Games Account.

An unstable network may be the cause of the problem.

In the event that your internet connection becomes unstable or slow it is possible that the login issue will be apparent. If the network is not working properly, it will find difficulties connecting to your login server. In the end, if your connection is interrupted several times the login server will block your device from temporarily logging in.

What do I need to know? log into my Fortnite account on Nintendo Switch?
If you’re having trouble trying to log into Fortnite on Switch it could be due to an error that occurred during your previous login attempt. Therefore, let’s change the entire procedure first.

Use these instructions to log in and check how it goes.

  • Step 1: First, start Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch console.
  • Step 2: Then click to ” Link an account.” It will give you the verification code. Save the code for future.
    Step 3: Now, sign into Your Epic Games account from a computer or mobile device.
  • Step-4: After that, go to https://www.epicgames.com/id/activate. Input the verification code.
  • Step 5: Finally, click the Continue button and you’ll be connected into the game via Switch console. Switch console.

To confirm it, click CONNECTIONS on Your Epic Games account and move to the Accounts tab. You will verify that Nintendo Switch is connected.

Alternative method

Another method to connect accounts is to go to Connected Accounts on the Fortnite Epic Games account. Click”Connect” under the “Connect” button that is located under”Connect” in the Nintendo Switch section. After that, enter your Switch account credentials and connect to the account.

What should you do if Fortnite won’t log in on Switch

While you’re following the standard procedure, you may encounter issues when logging into the game. If that happens it is best to try troubleshooting as the first alternative. Let’s begin with troubleshooting, and then try to resolve the issue that is preventing you from connecting to Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch.

Fix 1 Disconnect conflicting account

If you get the warning message “This Fortnite account has been linked with a platform that is not able to function in Nintendo Switch,” it indicates that your account on a different platform is in conflict the account you have created on the Nintendo Switch account. This means you have to remove that account from Epic Games.

These steps are to be followed:

  • Step 1: Sign in to your Epic Games account from a PC.
  • Step 2: Select Connections and go to the Accounts tab on the account page.
  • Step 3: Under the Accounts tab, you’ll find the platforms linked to the Epic Games account. Connect different platforms (particularly Playstation) to avoid potential conflicts.
  • Step 4: Click the Disconnect button. Popup is then displayed asking for confirmation. After that, press then the Unlink button to finish the process.

The good news is that the issue of conflict is now solved with the most recent updates. But, it is possible that the issue will persist. It is therefore recommended to keep the issue into consideration when solving the problem.

Fix 2: Already linked to an account that is not the same

To fix the issue , you must locate the account and delete it. Click on the Epic Games Accounts tab under Connections. If you’re Nintendo Switch is not connected however, it shows the message “Failed to connect account. Already associated with another account” Then follow these steps to fix the problem:

  • Step 1: Log out of the Epic Games account from PC.
  • Step 2: Now try to Log in once more, but this time log in using Nintendo.
  • Step 3: Then go to Connections > Accounts and you will find that the Nintendo Switch is connected. However, you are unable to unlink that account.
  • Step 4: Lastly, go to General and scroll down to the delete account section to delete the account. After that, click Request the deletion of yo