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Halo Infinite Not Launching on PC [2022 Fixed]

  • Halo Infinite is a first-person shooter with 16 to 20 hours of action.
  • Xbox Game Studios has only made the game available for Windows PCs and Xbox platforms.
  • Consult the following instructions if you are experiencing the Halo Infinite Not Launching on PC problem.

Halo Infinite is the Halo 5 sequel’s successor. So the shooting adventure continues, but only for those who can play the game without crashing. Because Windows PC users are still having difficulty starting the game via Steam and the Xbox App. That’s why I’ve created a number of methods to assist my fellow players in resolving this problem.

How Do I Fix Halo Infinite Not Launching on PC?

The Halo Infinite Not Launching problem can arise for a variety of reasons. It might have been caused by the malfunctioning game or Xbox app files. Customizing the in-game settings also helped many users avoid the issue. As a result, I’ll provide some patches that will allow you to initiate the FPS gaming without any problems.

Enable Campaign

It is strongly advised to enable the Campaign in Halo Infinite. So that the game may correctly launch with the appropriate resources. To check the status of a campaign, go to the game page menu and click the three-dotted symbol, then pick “Manage Game.” Then, make sure the Campaign option is selected.

Disable Unwanted Textures

Players must disable the troublesome graphical textures in the game’s settings. They must guarantee that only high-resolution textures are activated and that all others are disabled. They may access the game’s settings to make such visual graphical adjustments.

A Fix from Reddit: [ Halo Infinite Not Launching on PC ]

Run as Administrator

Halo Infinite must be launched with the appropriate game rights. As a result, gamers must guarantee that they are launching the game with administrator privileges. Only then will the game be able to implement the necessary facilities for a flawless launch.

  • Right-click the Halo Infinite executable file and choose Properties.
  • Check the “Run this software as an administrator” box on the Compatibility tab.
  • To save changes, click the Apply and Ok buttons.

Troubleshoot Xbox App

Players may also use the built-in troubleshooter to fix the Xbox App. As a result, their technology can detect any issues with the launcher and game and suggest a remedy to the problem.

  • Navigate to Windows OS Settings.
  • Go to Apps >> Apps & Features.
  • Select the Xbox app and then select the three-dotted symbol.
  • Now, select Advanced Options.
  • Choose Repair and then confirm your decision.

Reset Xbox App

If you are still experiencing Halo Infinite Not Launching on PC, you should think about resetting the app data. The modified settings will be replaced with the defaults as a result of this action.

  • Select Apps & Features from the context menu by pressing the Win + X keys.
  • Select Xbox App and then click the three-dot symbol.
  • Choose Advanced Options.
  • Click the Reset button on the next tab.

Update Gaming Services

To avoid incompatibility concerns, ensure that Microsoft’s gaming services are updated to the most recent version. Such a feature may be updated straight from the Microsoft Store.

  • Navigate to the Library area of the Microsoft Store interface.
  • Check for updates to the Xbox App and Gaming Services.
  • Relaunch the Xbox app and Halo Infinite on your PC after installing the necessary upgrades.

Consult Halo Support

As a final option, you can contact the Halo Support Center to learn more about this bug. You may go to their official website and utilize the search box to find solutions to the problems you are now experiencing. The customer service staff will contact you as soon as possible.

That’s all there is to it; thank you for taking the time to read about how to repair Halo Infinite Not Launching on PC.

Rajat Singh