You’re trying to turn on your PS5, but the console’s center has a flickering blue light. Does your Play Station remain off for a few seconds after the blue light starts to flash before going back on? Find out the cause of this commotion.

On November 12, 2020, Play Station 5 was released by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It not only runs and plays every PS4 game, but it also loads and runs them more quickly. The PS5 represents a significant advancement in the gaming industry thanks to 4k performance and a controller that truly changes the game.

However, there are some problems that are upsetting PS5 owners, and they are speaking out about them on various gaming forums and YouTube channels. This tutorial will explain what the blinking blue light on your PlayStation 5 signifies, why it occurs, and how to resolve the problem by entering safe mode on the system before you send it in for repairs.

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What does a PS5 blue light that blinks indicate?

A blue light blinks in the center of the PS5, and many customers claim that the system just won’t switch on. The console often shows a blue light that change to white to signify that it is turning on. Following that, the Play Station logo shows on the display.

The console may be frozen as a result of defective software or broken cables if the indicator light only blinks white or blue and never changes to solid white. So, before deciding that your PS5 is broken, you might need to conduct your own troubleshooting.

Why is the PS5 light blinking continuously?

Any of the following possibilities could explain why the blue PS5 indicator keeps blinking.

  • For the console to turn off, you have withdrawn the power line immediately from the main wall.
  • The console’s settings for the video output resolution are incorrect.
  • You are using an outdated software version on your PS5.
  • HDMI or the power cable for the Play Station 5 is broken.
  • The data on the hard drive of the console is faulty.

How does the PS5 start in safe mode?

Get into the console’s Safe Mode first if you want to get rid of the PS5’s blinking blue light. You can use the Play Station 5 safe mode’s several choices to resolve the problem. For this:

  • If you want your PS5 to shut off fully, press and hold the power button for three seconds.
  • After turning off the PS5, hold down the power button while holding it, then let go on the second beep.
  • PS5 will now begin to boot in safe mode. Press the PS button on the controller while the console is connected to it via a USB wire.

A few bent pins on either side of the power and HDMI cables may be the root of your Play Station’s inability to boot into safe mode. Connect your HDMI cable to a separate HDMI port on your display and check to see if you can enter safe mode to confirm this.

Reattach the cords to your console and power supply after wiping them down with a soft cloth to see if that makes a difference. Test cables with a different player, like a Blu-ray player, to determine where the issue is. Your best option is to swap out the damaged cable for a new one if the problem continues.

How can the PS5’s blue light of death be fixed?

Power cycle your PS5 first, and then explore the safe mode options on the console to see if that resolves the blue light of death issue. Let’s look at each repair individually to see how to proceed.

  • Switch off PS5.
  • For a few seconds, press and hold the PS5 power button until you hear two beeps.
  • Next, unplug all of the console’s cords.
  • To discharge internal power, press and hold the power button for an additional 7 to 10 seconds.
  • Reconnect all the PS5 cords, give it one more minute, and then switch on the console to make sure the problem has been fixed.
  • Restart the console in safe mode.
  • Start the PS5 in safe mode if power cycling the console didn’t resolve the blue light issue.
  • Next, choose “Restart Console” using the controller’s buttons.
  • Wait for the procedure to finish, then attempt turning the console on.
  • Modify HDCP mode
  • Choose “Change Resolution” under the “Safe Mode” heading.
  • Next, choose “Video output resolution” using the controller’s buttons.
  • Select “HDCP 1.4 Only” under “Change HDCP” mode.
  • Restart the PS5 to determine if the blue light blinking problem has been resolved.
  • PS5 system software update

Software updates for the Play Station 5 frequently fix the blue light that blinks. How to do it:

  • From the boot menu, choose “Update system software.”
  • The PS5 will then check for and apply any pending updates.
  • Watch for the console to finish updating the system software.
  • Restart PS5 to see if that resolves the problem.

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  • Reinstall console programs

Try reinstalling the PS5 program if updating the system software does not solve the problem. Select “Reset PS5” from the safe boot menu using the controller buttons. Wait for the console to restart the software installation. After that, restart your Play Station 5 normally and make sure the blue light is no longer blinking.

Can the PS5 Rebuild Database repair the blue light that blinks?

Many PS5 customers who wished to troubleshoot the blinking blue light found another solution to be effective. Data is cleaned up and hard disk troubles are resolved via the Rebuild Database function in the console