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Here’s how to get access to your suspended TikTok account.

Do you have questions about why your TikTok account was either temporarily or permanently suspended? Do you understand what you did to merit this punishment? We’ll walk you through how to unlock your TikTok account in this article.

TikTok is a fantastic medium for sharing little films of your talent. Additionally, you can broadcast live, use interesting filters, and enhance the appeal of your films to increase their likelihood of going viral.

Your TikTok account may have been suspended as a result of your video violating community rules, whether on purpose or accidentally. Discover the causes of the account suspension and what you can do to resolve it.

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Why was my account banned on TikTok?

The two reasons your TikTok account was suspended are shown below.

  1. Content Mistake. A temporary or permanent account suspension is frequently the result of human error.

The TikTok terms and conditions are accepted when you create a TikTok account. The majority of TikTok users accept these conditions without having read them before signing up. Because of this, despite breaking the TikTok agreements, they have no idea what went wrong.

The following are the contributing elements to the temporary or permanent account suspension on TikTok.

  • Videos that urge people to join a terrorist group
  • promoting recordings of domestic or felony violence
  • showing off guns in your videos
  • creating and promoting material connected to drugs
  • animal brutality and slaughter depicted in graphical form being produced and shared
  • encouraging hate speech against politicians, religious or racial groups, political parties, or any other community
  • posting any form of bullying-related video
  • Embarrassing women and abusing children on videos
  • posting and promoting pornographic films
  • When you apply for a TikTok account, you are younger than the minimum age required.
  • Platform problem on TikTok

The possibility that you posted a video that the TikTok bots deemed potentially damaging for viewers is another reason why your account can be blocked. Although it was not your intention, it’s possible that something was recorded during the making of your video that was against the rules of the TikTok community.

As a result, it is a good idea to always review your video before sharing it to ensure that it complies with the TikTok rules.

What Do You Mean by Temporarily Suspended?

If your TikTok account is temporarily suspended, you won’t be able to post live videos.

You must exercise caution when recording your live video because it can unintentionally contain something that is inappropriate for a younger audience. Your video may occasionally be temporarily suspended if the parents of the younger audience complain it to TikTok support.

Furthermore, copyright infractions like playing illegal music or film while going live may result in the suspension of your TikTok account.

What Is the Suspension Period for My TikTok Account?

Most TikTok users who have committed a minor offense have their accounts temporarily suspended, which is the most frequent type of suspension. Up to 24 hours may pass between temporary suspensions. You are not allowed to go live at that time.

A different kind of suspension is one in which, when logging onto your TikTok account, you are informed that “Your Account is presently suspended.” You cannot view your username, followed or unfollowed people, or liked users. Signs have taken the place of all of these.

If TikTok believes you committed a serious offense during this type of ban, you could have to wait seven days to get your account reinstated. You can, however, upload live videos and even request that your TikTok fans follow you back on the account. Additionally, similar to the temporary suspension, if the offense was not too serious, you might receive your account returned in 24 hours.

How Do I Regain Access To My TikTok Account?

The procedures listed below must be completed one at a time if you want your TikTok account returned.

  • Open the TikTok app.

Grab your iPhone or Android device, then tap the TikTok app. To access the TikTok account panel, enter your username and password.

  • Access the “Your Profile” section.

When you’ve reached your account panel, click the “My” symbol in the bottom right corner of your Android or iPhone. You can access your profile page by tapping the “My” symbol.

  • Get to the Privacy and Settings menu.

The next thing you’ll see is three dots in the upper right corner of your profile page. Simply tap it to access your TikTok account’s Privacy & Settings page.

  • Report Your Issue

Tap the “About” tab and then choose “Report a problem” on the Privacy & Settings page. The most frequent queries made by TikTok users to the TikTok support are listed on that particular page. Select the question that best answers your inquiry by tapping on it.

Additionally, you can provide feedback and report your issue to the relevant TikTok department. The following emails can be used to get a quick response if the aforementioned measures don’t work to resolve your TikTok account suspension issue.

As an alternative, tweet TikTok at @tiktokcreators and wait for a reply.

Your age was entered incorrectly on the TikTok app signup page, which is the only reason TikTok may have disabled your account while you were still signing up. Your account will be permanently deactivated if you don’t create an account on the TikTok website and accurately disclose your age there. Then, in order to resolve your problem, which may or may not be to your advantage, you must get in touch with TikTok support.

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