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How Long Does a MacBook Air Last in 2021 accurate?

A MacBook Air may last 5-7 years on average. For more information, continue reading the article. One of the most important questions you want to know while buying a MacBook is its life. So, this article will give you an in-depth analysis of all the questions and queries which are there in your mind. If you want to know the details and every aspect of the life of a MacBook then stick to the end of the article. In this article, we will give you a detailed answer to How Long Does a Macbook Air Last.

To start with, the battery life completely depends on the task for which you use it. If the tasks are heavy it will surely drain more battery. But is this enough information? The answer is no.

How Long Does a MacBook Air Lasts?

How Long Does a MacBook Air Lasts

According to the tech experts, a MacBook Air lasts for around 5-7 years on an average basis before you feel like replacing it. If you use your MacBook for more intensive works like video animation, hardcore gaming then it would last almost a year less due to its storage and RAM limitations. They say that the MacBook will last longer if you use it for less intensive work like browsing and surfing. If you are more on the side of a rough use you should be seeking it to replace it with MacBook Air Pro. The quality of function degrades as time passes. For example, the points given below will surely help to understand the degradation better.

  • 4 Years of use – You will feel lagging and the functions becoming slower.
  • 5 years of use – In this time period many replace the MacBook Air’s battery. But many try to seek newer versions like MacBook Air Pro rather than replacing the battery.
  • 7 Years of use – You will be feeling an urge to replace your model with a new one if you go beyond something like surfing and web browsing.

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MacBook Life Span- Usage Analysis

MacBook Life Span- Usage Analysis

In this, we will be discussing the points regarding the life of MacBook Air depending on how you use it. It can be heavy and intensive or light usage. The use completely depends on person to person and may vary accordingly.

  • Heavy Use – If you use your MacBook roughly like playing intensive games, illustrator, video editing, animation, and other things then according to the experts the MacBook will last for around 5 Years. In these circumstances, one would surely be more inclined for buying the MacBook Air Pro.
  • Light Use – If you are not a hardcore user of a MacBook and would not go beyond browsing and non-intensive tasks then your MacBook will surely last for around 5 to 7 years.

MacBook Life details if used for Gaming