How online shopping helped me give the best and memorable gift ever

By | January 18, 2019

How online shopping helped me give the best and memorable gift ever

1. How online shopping helped me give the best and memorable gift everHow my online Laptop shopping helped me give the best and memorable gift ever?

I am really proud to disclose a life-changing experience which was made possible with online shopping of a Laptop by me for my beloved brother which help his career propel at a fast pace. I have my cousin brother who lives in a small town of Gorakhpur.

He had to face a number of problems with regards education as the quality of education in the school which he goes was not very good. However, his dad even after being illiterate always insisted him on reading good books and hence he was better off than many of his school friends in terms of his grasp over English.

He was also very fond of using the Internet as his small school had a small computer lab which helped him come close with the whereabouts around the world. However, not being very financially well off, his father was reluctant to buy expensive computers and laptop then. Hence, his dream of fetching a laptop could not be fulfilled until he graduated to college.

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He came to Mumbai for his college studies and being intelligent could secure a place in a good engineering college here. However, he managed with a small wrecked old computer. The Technological Advancements in the metro cities required him to be ready with a laptop which was reasonably less expensive now than it used to be during his school days.

On the other hand, I stayed in Mumbai. I passed my graduation in B.Com and come from a relatively well off family then my younger brother and could earn a decent income as a teacher in a good school in Mumbai. Being a teacher by profession, I knew very well how badly my brother wanted a laptop and how this device could facilitate my brother in making a career. I knew my brother was born to be an engineer. Hence, during the last Diwali, I decided to gift my dear younger brother a laptop.

How online shopping helped me give the best and memorable gift ever

1. How online shopping helped me give the best and memorable gift everAs online shopping has caught rage, I immediately started searching for the best deals in many of the websites. However, while rummaging in many online sites and being technically less sound myself, it was pretty difficult for me to choose the best laptop and also choose the best deals at affordable price comparing so many sites.

However, then one of the students in my class who is very tech savvy asked me to go on a coupon machine where there are a number of sellers from across the country who sell their products online.

Among the various sellers, coupons of Amazon Store, Banggood Store gave overwhelming discounts of 40-70% along with some cash back too. This site was amazing and I managed to handpick the best deals on my favorite brand, Dell, very easily. The various price brackets on the site made the sorting job all the easier.

Being my first experience in shopping online I also made it a point to visit some computer stores to compare the price and was truly left aghast to find a drastic difference in the price. I immediately decided to get the most modern and high configured laptop for my brother towards the end of that year-end to even get the benefit of the year-end sale.

However, then my colleague asked me to check the validity of the discount coupon I was going to use and found that it was valid only for a few days. Hence, wasting no time I immediately ordered the much-coveted laptop with the help of the Amazon Store coupons. Though cash on delivery option was available, I prepaid the whole transaction by making the payment online by my credit card on their Safe Payment Gateway.

How online shopping helped me give the best and memorable gift everThis also helped me fetch an additional 5% discount. Thus, on inserting the valid coupon code in the checkout section and feeding all other details I finally ordered the laptop. There was little time for panicking about the delivery and I was very eagerly waiting for the package delivery.

The delivery of the Laptop was done next day itself as promised by the site. It was also done free of cost as claimed by this online store. I was pretty glad as the laptop was brand new, as per the configuration, cover color required. This gave me a lot of relief as I had purposely chosen a white cover which my brother just loves to the core.

The next weekend I did a surprise visit to my brother’s place in Mumbai. His joy had no bounds when he saw me. I handed him the Laptop and his gratitude could be actually felt from his wet eyes. He hugged me tightly. Today it gives me great pride to see him doing very well as he is in his last year of engineering. He has already fetched a good job in a multinational IT company in the college placements.How online shopping helped me give the best and memorable gift everThe laptop which has come with a one year warranty has also given no complaints till date and my brother is enjoying to the core. He even carries the laptop wherever he goes, even when he goes to his hometown and everyone is absolutely impressed by his progress in career from a little town boy to an engineer in Mumbai.

Coupon has helped me not only save money but also has allowed me to aid my younger brother to expand his horizons and make his life and studies more comforting. The great experience of buying without any need for bargaining and follow up actions was definitely good news for a person like me. Besides, the many deals to choose from in the various product categories and the liberal return policies are all the more reasons to buy the products from here. This is why I have stopped using the traditional shopping modes and switched permanently to buying via the secured and good online sites like these.



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