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How to change JioFi Password (Dongle)


What is JioFi?

How to change JioFi password? Been in a technical world like ours, we have bind ourselves around internet. Using Wi-Fi at home, office, public sector for fast connection speed is an ease now-a-days. But isn’t it limited to one particular place? Yes, it is. JioFi same as WiFi, is a internet broadband distribution device. That makes multiple users and devices to connect with Jio 4G internet speed through one click. But what is the major difference between a JioFi and WiFi? It is the compatibility and portability of the JioFi device that makes it useful.

Benefits of JioFi

We all have the habit to go through the benefits of any device that we are going to purpose. So, we may expect something unique in JioFi, that makes it little more useful than any other device, isn’t it? Mentioned below are the lists of the benefits that the device provides us with:

  • Portability – You can carry JioFi anywhere and anytime.
  • Speed – Blazing 4G speed without any disturbance is one click away.
  • Ease calling – By Jio4G Calling, you can use Jio app to make calls even at places where there are no signals, this ain’t possible with normal phone internet connection, right?
  • 4G service in 2G/3G devices.

Features of JioFi

Let us understand what are the features that we get along with amazing internet broadband device :

  • Powerful battery – This is one of the most important feature that is required for any device we use.
  • Easy to use – Any person, be it a child or an adult, using JioFi is easier than boiling water.
  • Best service in market – Yes, you read it right, you won’t be disappointed to the technical service given by Jio company.

Now, let us come to the main topic, sharing you Jio password again and again and again, makes it difficult for you do hop on your internet speed, right? Let us know how to change your JioFi password or Jio Password without any hardwork.

If you want to change your JioFi Password or learn how to reset your jiofi password through mobile phone or tab then CLICK HERE. Do not worry if you have forgot jiofi password. Many people ask this query that, where can we find the option of ‘JioFi password forgot‘. There isn’t a direct option, but you may find step by step to reset your JioFi Password below.

How to change JioFi password on PC/computer

Step 1 : Switching On JioFi

Switch on your JioFi device.

Step 2 : Connecting to JioFi

Connect your laptop or Computer to JioFi and wait till it recognize the device.

How to change JioFi Password (Dongle) 1

Step 3 : Browsing to jiofi.local.html

Now, go to your browser and browse to configuration interface:

To reset jiofi.local.html, follow the below links.

Either by going to http://jiofi.local.html

How to change JioFi Password
Ip configuration

Step 4 : Logging in into jiofi.local.html

Once you have visited the above URL, we have to login into Jio router, you will be asked to login into the interface. If this is your first time, then the default values are:
Username : administrator
Password : administrator

Make sure, it is case sensitive.

How to change JioFi Password
Login interface of JioFi

After you have clicked on login, it will ask you to change the default values (especially password), you can do it by clicking on ‘Ok’. After changing the password, you will be re-directed to the main page.

Step 5 : Navigating to Wi-Fi configuration

The main interface may look little confusing for non-technical customer. Don’t worry, it is simple.

How to change JioFi Password
JioFi interface

Search for the second option called ‘Network‘. Now at the left side there will be 7 options. click on ‘Wi-Fi Configuration‘. If you have a different interface, do not worry. Just search for Network and go to Wi-Fi Configuration.

Step 6 : Changing password in settings

There will be several settings displayed on the screen now. You may be searching for ‘password‘.

How to change JioFi Password
JioFi interface (password)

We may recommend you to select a password that is unique, usage of

  • One capital letter
  • One small letter
  • One number
  • One special character

Makes the password more strong and useful. It is better to keep a password that cannot to identified by people who are not authorized to access your JioFi.

Changing JioFi Name (SSID)

After changing the password, in the same panel you can find an option named as ‘Network Name (SSID)‘. You can use it for changing your JioFi name which is also named as SSID.

How to change JioFi Name
JioFi Interface (network name or SSID)

Changing the JioFi’s login ID and password

Remember at the second step? We were navigated to JioFi login page? Yes, at this panel you can change the JioFi Login details such as ID and password. So that, it don’t remain default and you can have control over your accessibility of your device.

Go to the 4th bar with name ‘User Management‘ and then select ‘Account Management‘.

How to change JioFi Account details
JioFi interface (account management)

This is how you can change the password and ID of your JioFi Device.

How to change JioFi password on Mobile or Tablet

There are not much difference in options or interface while you are changing JioFi password on a mobile phone or tablet when compared to a PC or laptop.

Step 1 : Navigating to Wifi on Phone

Connect device to your JioFi over Wi-Fi or USB

Changing JioFi Password

Step 2 : Connecting to portal of JioFi

Open the browser on your device and type the URL: http: //jiofi.local.html and press enter

How to change JioFi Password

Step 3 : Logging in JioFi.local.html

Tap on Login button on top right of browser screen

How to change JioFi Password

Step 4 : Credentials to login

When prompted enter User ID – administrator and Password – administrator and tap on login, until and unless you have changed your SSID or network details before.

How to change JioFi Password

Step 4 – Navigating to settings

Navigate to Wi-Fi settings under the settings tab

How to change JioFi Password

Step 5 – Navigating to WiFi settings

Change JioFi Name (SSID) and Security Key (Password) to the desired value and save

How to change JioFi Password

Congratulations you have successfully changed security password and/or JioFi name (SSID) of your JioFi device.

Protecting your device is one of the most major step you have to take care when you have access to a device that provides internet or any such details. Since, it will be easy for any third person to access your person information or exploit your service in a wrong way. We request you to handle any such device with care. All the above images used are from Jio and Reliance Digital and are used only for information purpose. Thank you for reading this article on ‘How to change JioFi Password’. Subscribe us and visit us frequently for more amazing technology blog posts. Have a great surfing day.

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