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How to check Jio Balance

Jio is an Indian telecommunications company. It previously served the telecom market with the name ‘Reliance‘.

Many of us like the service of Jio, it has been a giant service provider since years. It have been reliable by it’s costing and had even provided various Gadgets and services such as Phone, JioFi, Fiber net and so on.

Let us now, dive into the topic and learn ‘How to check balance in Jio’.

How to check Jio Balance

  1. First go to your My Jio Application (click on the name to download).How to check jio balance
  2. Sign in by entering your number and generate OTP if you haven’t.
  3. Once, you have signed in, then you will find a section on the home page called ‘My account‘.
  4. Under ‘My account‘, to check balance in Jio. You will find 3 columns:
    1. Balance remaining.
    2. Your Jio Plan.
    3. Internet Usage.
  5. Green bar – Displays your current Jio Balance.
    First Blue box – Shows your current Jio Plan.
    Second Blue Box – Shows your internet Usage.
    How to check Jio balance
  6. Click on ‘View details’ under your current plan box. Hola!!! you now know your current Jio balance.

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