How to create a custom map in Google Maps (step by step guide 2020)

Custom maps in Google Maps

Custom map? Isn’t it little questionable that why would you prefer custom map, when you already have Google Maps?

The answer is simple, custom maps in google will allow you to modify the current existing Google maps the way you want it to look like. For instance, you are working in a company, the Google map is going to name the company as it was saved in ‘Google business‘. But in your custom map you can rename it to words like ‘Office’, ‘Workspace’, etc…

There are many features in Custom maps that you can use:

  • Adding a marker point.
  • Adding lines and shapes.
  • Creating custom directions.

This can help you to access the Google maps for your day to day life in ease.

Let us now begin with our article on, ‘How to create a custom map in Google Maps‘.

How to create a Custom map in Google Maps

Step 1 – Going to Google maps.

First, we have to go to Google maps and login into your Google account in which you want to make the Custom map.

Step 2 – Navigating to ‘Your places

Go to menu (the 3 horizontal lines on the top left) and click on ‘your places’.
How to create custom map in google maps.How to create custom map in google maps.Step 3 – Creating map

After you click on ‘Your places‘ you can now click on Maps bar, which will be 4th option. If you already have maps saved, it will show all of them. If not, you can create a new one by clicking on ‘CREATE MAP‘.
How to create custom map in google maps.Congratulations, you have now created a Custom map. Thank you for reading this article on ‘How to create custom map in Google maps’. We hope you have understood our article. If you have any other query, please comment below.

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