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How To Create A Pay Pal Account

STEP 1  Download the Pay Pal app .

You can download the pay pal app on your mobile phone and laptop through Google play store or Apple app store. It is easily available on  any platform. In  laptop’s we need to go to Pay Pal’s official website.

STEP 2  Choose between personal or business account.

Choose between personal or business account

In this step you will have to choose if want a personal account of business account. Personal account is for individual users for personal use eg:- for bill payment, groceries, transfer funds ect. Business account is for businesses which are into selling of goods and services or for accepting donations.

STEP 3 Fill in details.

How To Create A Pay Pal Account 1
How To Create A Pay Pal Account 2

After choosing the type of account . Now the application will ask for your details like legal first name, legal last name, your email, password, after filling in details, in the next page it will ask you for your personal information like address ,city state, pin code/zip code, mobile number. No need to worry because all the information is safe and will not be disclosed at any cost .

STEP 4 Link up a Bank account.

Link up a Bank account 2

After filling up the details , the app will take you to next page in which it will be asking you your credit card/ debit card details like cvv/csc, expiration date and card number or you can even link with a bank account too.

Link up a Bank account 2

Now it will take you to the next and final page ,in which it gives a notification that everything went well and we are good to go. Now click on go to your account this will take you to your account now u can transfer fund , pay your bills , shop on pay pal etc.

Confirmation Page


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