How to Enable Comments on YouTube

How do you enable comments to be added to YouTube is simple when you are aware of the proper steps. To enable this feature, login to YouTube and then play the video you want to upload. After that, click upon the gear symbol to modify the options. After that, click Edit to make comments. In the comments area enter the text you wish to be next in the comments. The text should be brief and succinct. If you’d like to avoid overly typing, you can choose Smart Reply to avoid typing.

After you’ve completed this step, you’ll have the option to decide to turn off comments remarks or all comments to be made on your video. You’ll be presented with a couple of choices. If you want to remove comments from your video, you’ll have to manually approve them. This is done by editing the settings of your YouTube Studio. If you want all comments appear by clicking on”Allow all comments” or click on the “Allow all comments” link. If you don’t want anyone to be able comment in your YouTube video, select the disable option instead.

To ensure that you don’t receive negative feedback for your video, make use of the lock on comments feature. This feature can stop other users from posting content that is offensive. If you’re hosting a fundraising event or educational video, you should be sure to let all comments in until you’ve agreed to the comments. This will keep unwanted comments from appearing on your channel. Then, you can moderate comments on YouTube through the settings on the video. You can choose to moderate comments to decide!

Comments on YouTube:

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There are a variety of methods to allow the comments feature on YouTube. The most simple way to enable comments on an existing film is to create it available to the public. There are a variety of choices for this, based on the type of video you’re making, fundraising or non-profit video. It’s crucial to pick the best option based on your requirements, as it will decide if the message you’re receiving is appropriate for the target audience.

You can also decide to allow comments on your videos. When you enable these options, you’ll be able to gather the opinions of your audience. For instance, you could upload your video to Twitter and Facebook and invite your followers to leave feedback. You could also put the link to your video in comments. Once you’ve enabled comments you’ll see a message within the box. In general it will display an alert asking viewers post comments.

Follow These Simple Steps:

You can make comments available on YouTube by taking a few easy steps. The first step is to select the comment option you’d like to make available. This gives your viewers the chance to leave comments about your video. Then, they’ll be given the choice of rating the videos and leave feedback. Once you’ve agreed to these options and you’ve published your videos on Facebook and Twitter and receive feedback. You may also opt to share the comments that you’ve received to your other social media sites since these can help you to gain more subscribers and followers.

After you’ve enabled comments for YouTube you’ll be able to let your viewers post their own comments and give ratings to your videos. The system will detect and remove your comments. It does not publish any comment which is considered to inappropriate. But, you are able to let your viewers comment about your content. This will allow your viewers to have a better experiences on YouTube. You may also set up ratings for your channel.

Modify the Comment Settings on a Video:

  1. Log into YouTube Studio.
  2. In the menu on the left Select Content.
  3. Hit the play icon.
  4. Scroll down. Click to SHOW MORE.
  5. In the section “Comments and ratings,” choose the settings for your comments.
  6. Click Save.

After you’ve posted your video on YouTube you are able to enable comments on the video. Then, you’ll be able to decide whether or not to allow the comments to be posted on your video. If you’re concerned about the possibility of people viewing or commenting on the content, choose to block comments. You may also permit your viewers to give you ratings for your videos.

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