How to Enable Community Post on YouTube

The process of enabling community posts to be posted on YouTube is relatively simple. If your channel is classified to be “made for kids” or the users are accessing the channel through a monitored account, you’ll have access your settings and turn this feature on. To enable this feature you must follow these steps following:

A. Log into your account. From the menu to left, click on”Community” from the left menu.

B. Click on “Community” tab. 

C. Hit to click the “Add a new post” button.

D. Create your first Community blog post. Once it is enabled, it will be available in the feed of your subscribers within one week. This feature is only available to channels that have at minimum 500 subscribers. Sometimes, the person who uploaded the video may see their own post. If this occurs, YouTube will send a message to the uploader who originally uploaded it. In addition, this feature could stop your video from showing up repeatedly in feeds of viewers.

C. React with remarks. You can respond to any comments left by users. Don’t spam your replies to your followers However, try to make every comment feel like it’s a special one. This will boost your channel’s engagement and improve your karma. d. Heart your best comments. This way those watching your videos will get informed and YouTube will consider this in deciding whether or not to show the video again.

How to create a community post YouTube? YouTube

Create a community blog. It is the first thing to do setting up the Community post. After enabling the community will show on top of regular videos under the Subscriptions tab. For mobile and desktop computers However, you will not see this feature. Both devices can comment on community posts by clicking the thumbs-up or down buttons in the comments box. Additionally, you can take note of the most intriguing comments, that will be a message to the person who posted the comment.

Be sure to reply to each comment. Don’t leave a comment unanswered. Furthermore, your comments will be read by others. If you have good comments and you are happy with them, then you must be proud of your comments. This means that YouTube will consider this when recommending to your followers. But , before this, it is important to be sure to follow the guidelines. These guidelines will assist you create the best possible use of the Community posts.

Methods to Utilize the YouTube Community Tab: YouTube Community tab:

Enable the Community post feature on YouTube. They can be enabled through the settings of your YouTube account. They’re more advanced in comparison to your Community panel. When enabled, the feature will send out notifications automatically to the uploader who originally uploaded the video. When you enable community videos on YouTube you’ll be informed when other users share their videos via YouTube. It is recommended to show this alert to users so that they are able to upload your video.

You can enable community posts on YouTube. You must have more than 500 users in order to allow the option. Apart from increasing the popularity of your channel and attracting more viewers, you can also boost the traffic to your channel. If you’re only able to attract a small viewership, you may decide to turn off this feature to stop people from viewing the same video over and over. It is possible to increase the popularity of your channel by allowing community-based posts. After you’ve done this, you’ll be able to see that the numbers of your subscribers have increased and your following is expanding.

Where is the YouTube Community? YouTube Community

When you’ve activated the feature in YouTube it will allow you to respond to every comment posted by viewers. It’s crucial to respond to each comment, since every comment will increase your YouTube channel’s popularity. If you respond to every comment to increase the level of engagement your viewers have and will create a loyal base of viewers. Alongside responding to every comment, you may also take note of comments you believe to be the best ones. If you make this choice, you’ll be sent an email from the author of the comment, and YouTube will consider this.

When you’ve enabled your community posts it will allow you to engage with your visitors and increase the number of subscribers. It’s currently only accessible to those with at minimum 1,000 subscribers. In the event that you do not have this many subscribers, you might want to look into creating a community post and increasing the number of people who are engaged. Keep on your toes that you’ll have to write a blog post in order to gain the maximum exposure from the information.

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