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How To Enable Fingerprint In WhatsApp

Allow Fingerprints on WhatsApp

It is easy to enable your fingerprint in WhatsApp. Both iPhone and Android users can use the security feature. The biometric lock can be used by iPhone models equipped with Touch ID or Face ID. You can also enable the feature by visiting WhatsApp Settings, Account, and Privacy. The How to section will show you how to enable biometric authentication.

Once you have verified your identity, open the WhatsApp app. Touch the fingerprint sensor to activate it. This will create the default fingerprint you’ll need to unlock your account. Before you can unlock your phone, confirm that your finger is correctly placed. To confirm your finger placement, swipe the lock icon to the right of the lock icon. To confirm your desire to use the fingerprint lock, tap “Fingerprint”. This will activate the biometric authentication feature for your WhatsApp account.

These steps will enable WhatsApp’s biometric fingerprint lock. Open WhatsApp and tap on the three dots in the top-right corner. Next, tap on the “Account” and Privacy buttons. Finally, tap on the “Fingerprint lock” button to activate it. To confirm your authentication, tap the button. Before the app can unlock your account, you must grant permission.

How to lock Whatsapp on Android Phone

Once you have enabled fingerprint lock, you will be able to update your password, change the length of unlocking, and hide notifications. To confirm your identity, you will be asked to enter the code from your phone. Now you can send, receive, or send messages. This feature can be used to protect your privacy. It is free and offers many benefits.

The latest WhatsApp update allows you to add fingerprint protection to your mobile security. This feature is only available on Android phones and requires an application. The FAQ section of the application will help you get to gri