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How to Enable System UI tuner Android 6

To turn on the System UI Tuner for your Android 6 phone, access your settings by pressing the gear icon for Settings. You’ll need to hold the icon for a few seconds to show it. After a few seconds you’ll be able see the new tab. It is called the System UI tuner. It is also possible to disable it by pressing”Remove from Settings” at the top right corner of the menu of overflow.

To turn on System UI tuner, open Settings and select “System UI”. On the right side there will be an additional menu titled “System UI tuner.” From there, you can alter the settings to speed up adjustments and an indicator bar. It’s additionally useful to alter simple settings such as alarms and battery percentage. Although some companies have pulled this feature from the next version for the Android operating system however, you are still able to use it right now.

To turn on the System UI tuner on Android 6 to enable it, open Quick Settings with two or just one. Then, tap on the Gear icon and wait for it spin. After that, you can open the Settings screen and scroll down. When you reach the bottom, you will be able to see a toast saying, “System UI tuner added to Settings.” After that you can tap the System UI tuner icon.

Enable Settings Menu And Go To Developer Options:

After you’ve enabled the System UI Tuner After enabling it, open the Settings menu, then go to the Developer options. In this menu, you’ll be able to select the type of customization you’d like to implement. In the default setting, you’ll see some options. You can alter the size of the font or background color, among other options, while letting your phone know that you’re using it. If you’re having difficulty unlocking the System UI tuner on your Android 6 phone, you may make use of a shortcut to activate the option.