How to Fix Amazon Fire Stick Spinning Circle

An Amazon Fire Stick spinning circular could be an extremely frustrating problem when you’re waiting for your favorite TV program or movie to start loading. This is to be expected because the most recent advancements in technology have us accustomed to uninterrupted services, particularly in the case of streaming television and movie shows. However, it is true that when they stop working, it could be quite a snarl. When unexpected problems arise and they are a real cause for concern, they could put the brakes on your plans to relax and unwind.

One of these pieces of technology could be the Amazon Fire Stick. The compact can convert any TV into an intelligent TV. Although this may sound like something that should be in every homeowner, there have been reports that users have complained about the Amazon Fire Stick spinning circle. It’s essentially the result of buffering issues.

In this post, we’ll first discuss the specifics of this device and the way it functions. Then, we’ll discuss the reasons the reason why the Amazon Fire Stick spinning circle occurs. We will also talk about the best way to fix this issue. We will also discuss whether it is possible to use a VPN will stop buffering on an Amazon Fire Stick.

How does Amazon Fire Stick Work? Amazon Fire Stick Work?

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One of Amazon’s most popular products is the Fire Stick, which enables you to stream on a variety of platforms, from Disney+ to HBO Max to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. This is added to standard channels you already have access to.

All you have to connect it to the television’s HDMI port to connect it. After that, connect it to your wireless network and log into your Amazon account. Finally, you’ll need to download your preferred streaming platform and start watching.

Amazon Fire Stick keeps Buffering?

It is believed that the Amazon Fire Stick spinning circle problem could be due to a buffering issue. The most commonly cited reason is that you have poor internet connectivity. 5 MBPS is enough capacity for the device you are using to operate on. You will require about 10 MBPS to stream HD videos and around 25 MBPS for 4K videos.

If you’re sure the issue isn’t with your internet connection we’ve narrowed down some other options. Amazon Fire Stick spinning circle can be explained as follows:

Too Many Devices One possible reason for this circle spinning is the fact that there are just too many devices linked to one network. If there are lots of users downloading videos, streaming files, or upgrading their systems, it might interfere with the Stick’s connection.

Your Fire Stick is running low on RAM It is possible that your Fire Stick will begin to buffer in the event that you have other apps that are running behind the scenes. This is why it’s best to in resolving the issue if removing any background apps or videos.

Make Updates to The firmware on your Fire Stick: An outdated system running on your device could be the reason behind your Amazon Fire Stick spinning circle. Make sure that you are current with all system updates. This could drastically impact the performance of your Fire Stick.

Your Stick is heating up: Overusing your Fire Stick could cause to it overheating. In some instances, there has been a buffering issue. This is a sign there is a problem with your device, not just an issue with connectivity.

How do I get rid of this Circle on my Fire Stick?

Now you know the cause of what’s causing the Amazon Fire Stick spinning circle problem, let’s resolve the issue. There are a variety of methods to resolve this. Consider five suggestions from our experts:

Reboot Your Fire Stick

The process of rebooting the Fire Stick can reboot many problems that are underlying, such as buffering. It basically shuts down all apps as well as other applications running behind the scenes that are running on the device. Follow these steps to restart your Stick

  • Navigate to Home Screen and navigate to Settings
  • Select and locate My Fire TV
  • Select Restart
  • Connect to better WiFi

A more straightforward solution to your buffering issues is to find a more reliable network connection. If you’re unable to achieve this, you should consider moving the router further away from the gadget. You can also remove any obstructions blocking the route.

  • Make sure you check the strength of your WiFi connection on the Fire Stick’s settings Settings:
  • Home screen > Network
  • Select the connection that you’re connected to.
  • Make sure you have a signal that is strong (or Excellent).
  • Clear App Caches & Data

It’s possible that applications on the Fire Stick device are storing excessive amounts of information. It could be consuming a very small onboarding memory. This is the primary reason for this Amazon Fire Stick spinning circle. We strongly recommend that you clean any caches or information.

 Follow these steps:

  • From your home screen navigate to Settings, then Applications.
  • Click on Manage Installed Apps
  • Choose apps that consume too much space, then select options to Clear Data and Clear Cache options.

Does a VPN stop the buffering of Firestick?

Yes. A VPN might be able to solve you from experiencing the Amazon Fire Stick spinning circle problem. It is a great alternative if you suspect that your internet service provider (ISP) of limiting your video streaming. This is typically done in order to decrease bandwidth usage.

A VPN can solve this issue by obscuring the stream. The ISP is unable to distinguish the different kinds of traffic on the internet, i.e. videos and other data coming from certain sources. While these are efficient, remember that VPNs may negatively impact the performance of the internet. Choose the VPN that has a high speed and a light application.


While Amazon Fire Stick is Amazon Fire Stick is a powerful piece of equipment, it’s not immune to mistakes. One of them could be the issue with buffering. We hope you’re able to identify this issue by making use of our extensive guide. The article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to explain what happens when Fire Stick operates and why it might be buffering. It also offers useful tips to solve this issue.

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