How to Fix Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error

The Discord 502 error can ruin your game night online with your friends, so this is how to correct it.

Gaming has advanced from the days of televisions in the living room and all because of internet connectivity and the World Wide Web. Gaming online with multiplayer is a rage at the moment and one of the most important aspects in online games is having the capability to efficiently communicate with your team.

While there’s an abundance of VoIP solutions to talk via online, Discord is among the few that are created by and designed for gamers. It also allows you to share your screen as well as join channels for specific communication and even utilize the old chat boxes from the past, Discord is great, but it’s not perfect.

What’s the error code 502 that is displayed in Discord?

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If you’ve been using the internet for long enough, you’ll know that the error code 502 “bad gateway” is a regular issue on internet-based services and websites. The error can also be described on various sites as “502 proxy error”, the “HTTP 502 error”, “Temporary Error (502)” and many more.

The basic description of the error 502 is that it is related to the web service that is largely not accessible to the user when it comes to solving. If you’re using a web browser it is typically resolved by reloading the page, however since this cannot be accomplished with Discord it is necessary to look at other options to resolve the issue.

How do I repair Discord 502 error of bad gateway

Now that you understand the cause of this 502 gateway issue that is constantly appearing for people on Discord Here’s what you have to do to fix it:

Solution No.1 Verify Status of Discord server

Discord VoIP is hosted on servers that are hosted by Cloudflare and Cloudflare is the reason why every time there’s an problem regarding the Cloudflare servers and it affects Discord as well. In the last couple of years, an unexpected increase in internet traffic or the deployment of incorrect updates has led to Cloudflare issues, which have directly led to the error code 502 for bad gateways on Discord as well.

  1. Go to Discord Downdetector’s webpage ( Link Here).
  2. You should be able see the problems that have been reported on Discord within the last 24 hours.
  3. You may also submit issues to us here.

If there’s been an unusual increase in active reported cases on the Discord service this could indicate an issue that is universal. The most effective course of action in this instance is to put it off until the development team can resolve the issue.

Solution No.2 2. Stop Discord.exe process

If you find that the Discord application seems to be working properly for the team members you have The simplest fix you can implement is to wipe the slate clean and start over. Because Discord is background processes, simply shutting down the application might not be enough. Therefore, you should stop the process via the Task Manager, and then test it to do it again.

  1. Hit the Start button and look on the task Manager service.
  2. On the Task Manager window, browse for Discord from the list of apps running or Background process.
  3. Just right click upon the Discord icon and then press the End Task button to end the service.

Now, you can restart the app and see whether the Discord 502 error has been solved.

Last Words

While the error message “bad gateway 502” on Discord could be interpreted as an internal problem, it’s one of the most widely-known server problems that exist. The best option is to keep it in mind or, in the worst-case scenario try reinstalling the Discord application to determine if it solves the issue.

Have you been able to solve the connectivity issue on your Discord account using the suggestions previously mentioned? Make sure you tell us about it in the comments section below.

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