How to fix Funimation Keeps Buffering?

If you’re a passionate Anime lover, Funimation may just be the most popular streaming application but what happens if Funimation is constantly buffering?

With Funimation offering more than 15,000 hours worth of entertainment on Anime films and series watching your favorite content and stopping to buffer when you’re trying enjoy something is not ideal.

Then why is it that Funimation continue to buffer? The reason is due to an insufficient internet connection.

This is a simple-to-read directory to give you the information you need to prevent this issue from affecting your Funimation application, so that you can enjoy your favourite Anime characters without needing to wait for additional pauses.

What is the reason why Funimation always buffering?

It was discovered that there is a buffering issue on Funimation within the first few minutes after launching the video is normal since the application uses a technique known as “adaptive bitrate,” which helps increase the time it takes to buffer so that it downloads all of the required information to play the video.

If you’re experiencing buffering issues during the streaming of your show or movie and you are beginning to notice a slow down, it could be because your internet connection being slow.

Funimation requires the following features to be able to stream with no buffering

  • 2Mbps for a basic quality image
  • 5Mbps to get a high definition image (720 or 1080)

You can check your Internet performance through clicking below.

Another reason you could have for why the reason your Funimation continues to buffer is because their server is having issues that cause the app to fail.

Funimation’s server could be experiencing repairs done or there may be an interruption.

What can be done to fix it? Funimation buffering

You can troubleshoot the issue with your Funimation to eliminate any buffering issue that occurs when trying to stream the content you want.

Since buffering is typically caused by a weak Internet connection, the initial recommended action is refreshing your connection.

Solution 1. Power reset your Internet

A new connection is established between your device you’re watching Funimation on and its network will start the connection

Step 1. Switch your router/modem off

Step 2. Unplug it from its source

Step 3. Wait for a couple of minutes

Step 4. Plug the router into the computer and turn it on.

It is also recommended to turn off the device you use off and on for a few minutes.

Fix 2. Update Funimation application

Making sure that you keep your Funimation application up-to-date to the latest version helps keep bugs and glitches in the software in check, since upgrades are carried out to improve the performance of an application through improvements that ensure it runs better.

Remaining on an older version when there’s a newer version that is available can create a conflict with the data that is being used to connect to Funimation’s server. Funimation server.

Step 1. Go into your app store and look for your Funimation app.

Step 2. Check to see whether there’s an Update option that you are able to click

Step 3. Select update

The updated version will replace the version you have downloaded to your device.

3. Fix the issue. Verify the software on your device.

Check that the device you’re watching Funimation on is running the most recent software installed.

If the software you are using is out of date This could result in an incompatibility with your phone and Funimation application.

It is possible to determine whether an update to your software is available for your device on the go;

For iPhone: Settings > General > Software Update > Install Now

On Android: Settings > About Phone > Check For Updates > Update > Install

If you’re on your smart TV then you need to go to the Settings menu > Support > Software Update and then Update Now.

Fix 4. Change Video resolution

If you’re trying to play your Funimation in a higher resolution, this could result in your Funimation to slow down and then begin to buffer as the volume of video files required to download is higher.

Fix 5. Download content

If you’ve selected the Premium Plus or the ‘Premium Plus Ultra’ on Funimation, you’ll be able to download the film or series you’d like to watch to your device prior to launching it.

This prevents the video from buffering when you stream the video since you already have all the information stored.

Note that Not all content are available for download through Funimation.

It is suggested not to download all the content because it will be quite large of space and can result in Funimation facing further problems.

Is Funimation superior to Crunchyroll

Animation is becoming more well-known, and with a variety of platforms to pick from you should be aware;

“Is Funimation appropriate for Anime Is Funimation a good choice for Anime?

Funimation as well as Crunchyroll are the two top Anime services to stream content , since they have the widest selection of choices to pick from.

Funimation is less expensive to join, but, Crunchyroll has a larger collection of movies and series to choose from.

It also offers Anime in English and the option of watching the show using English subtitles.

You can also make use of Funimation on two devices using their basic subscription, and five devices if you choose premium.

Both streams stream at the same quality and are capable of downloading content to watch even when offline.

(Crunchyroll’s service is more expensive than that of Funimation for this additional offline add-on).

That being said, Funimation is one of the best streaming services to stream your Anime content on However, it’s all dependent on what you’d like to see, and what platform is easily available.


With Funimation as the streaming platform online that streams the entire Anime films and series It is dependent on a reliable internet connection to the device that you stream it on.

Even if your connection is good, Funimation may still encounter problems with buffering or an error message.

This guide hopefully given you a better understanding of the reason your Funimation continues to buffer, and that you have been successful in resolving this issue by following our 5 simple fixes.

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