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How to fix Funimation Keeps Buffering?

If you’re a passionate Anime lover, Funimation may just be the most popular streaming application but what happens if Funimation is constantly buffering?

With Funimation offering more than 15,000 hours worth of entertainment on Anime films and series watching your favorite content and stopping to buffer when you’re trying enjoy something is not ideal.

Then why is it that Funimation continue to buffer? The reason is due to an insufficient internet connection.

This is a simple-to-read directory to give you the information you need to prevent this issue from affecting your Funimation application, so that you can enjoy your favourite Anime characters without needing to wait for additional pauses.

What is the reason why Funimation always buffering?

It was discovered that there is a buffering issue on Funimation within the first few minutes after launching the video is normal since the application uses a technique known as “adaptive bitrate,” which helps increase the time it takes to buffer so that it downloads all of the required information to play the video.

If you’re experiencing buffering issues during the streaming of your show or movie and you are beginning to notice a slow down, it could be because your internet connection being slow.

Funimation requires the following features to be able to stream with no buffering

  • 2Mbps for a basic quality image
  • 5Mbps to get a high definition image (720 or 1080)

You can check your Internet performance through clicking below.

Another reason you could have for why the reason your Funimation continues to buffer is because their server is having issues that cause the app to fail.

Funimation’s server could be experiencing repairs done or there may be an interruption.