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How To Fix Reddit Error 504 On Your Computer Or Laptop?

You’re on your computer visiting the Reddit website when all of a sudden a 504 default gateway error message appears. This manual will explain the cause of the mistake and how to correct it.

Errors or glitches are a common occurrence on any well-known websites, and Reddit is no exception. Although we are talking about issues with Reddit itself, you are welcome to visit the appropriate subreddit for the problem you are having. Subreddits might not always have the solutions you need.

Nevertheless, a large number of Reddit users have complained that a 504 error message frequently appears on their browser’s screen when they attempt to access the Reddit website. As a result, the webpage will not load at all. Learn more about the 504 gateway error and the reasons why the Reddit website acts in this manner.

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What does a Reddit 504 Gateway Timeout mean?

Every day, a ton of traffic is directed to Reddit. As a result, they balance the voluminous traffic by using load balancers as a gateway between you and the Reddit servers. In order to keep the Reddit website from loading inconsistently, you are routed to a different web server each time you visit.

Now, until the malfunctioning server starts functioning again, the load balancer will redirect you to another server whenever it notices that a Reddit server has failed. This strategy guarantees that the Reddit website functions without alerting you to any issues in the backend.

The load balancer, however, is unable to move you to a server with less traffic when Reddit servers are overloaded and all of its web servers are active. Currently, the load balancer searches for a functional server for an additional 30 seconds before throwing the 504 time-out error code if it is still unsuccessful.

Why does Reddit experience 504 errors?

The most common cause of error code 504 is overloaded Reddit servers. The following factors, however, can potentially make the error appear on your browser’s screen.

  • To access the Reddit website, you are using a VPN or proxy server.
  • You are having problems with the network that affect the WiFi signal and internet speed.
  • DNS settings are incorrectly specified or altered on the client or server.
  • The Reddit servers are unable to connect to your browser due to firewall settings in your operating system.
  • A virus or viruses have infected the operating system of your PC.

How can I resolve the Reddit problem 504?

To rule out client-side reasons of Reddit error code 504, you can perform the following troubleshooting.

  • Wait and reload the page

Waiting it out is the simplest and quickest solution for the Reddit gateway problem. The problem code typically disappears on its own and is just transitory. So, after a short while, try refreshing the Reddit page to see if that resolves the problem. Continue with the subsequent steps if the mistake still occurs.

  • Restarting network devices in order

A 504 Gateway Time-out error occasionally appears when accessing the Reddit website due to problems with your network hardware, such as your modem or router. To solve the issue, restart these gadgets.The main lesson to take away from this is that, even though you can turn off all the network devices at once, doing so in a specific order is crucial when turning them back on. Switch off your PC first, then your modem or router, to accomplish this. Now turn on the router and wait until all of the lights are turned on.

Power on your computer after that and allow it to establish a connection with the modem/router. I’m hoping this time you can effectively navigate the Reddit website.

  • Turn off any proxies or VPNs.

By standing in between your computer and the internet, a proxy server improves your online privacy. A proxy server can occasionally be the cause of a 504 error on the Reddit website, despite how uncommon it is. Disable your Chrome browser’s proxy server in the manner below, then reload the Reddit website to rule out the possibility.

  • Click the three dots in the top right corner of a Chrome tab to go to Settings.
  • Next, select Advanced from the table’s left side menu.
  • Click the “Open your computer’s proxy settings” link located on the right now.
  • Click on LAN Settings under the Connections tab and uncheck the box next to the proxy server.
  • After selecting OK, click Apply.
  • Remove DNS cache

DNS problems on the client or server side might cause Reddit error code 504. If Reddit has moved the website to a new host and the host needs to wait 24 hours for DNS records to completely propagate, a server-side DNS issue may typically arise.

But simply clearing the DNS cache on the client side, you can resolve the DNS problem. On your Windows computer, launch the command prompt with administrative privileges and enter the ipconfig /flushdns command.

The command has successfully flushed the DNS resolver cache when you see the message “Successfully flushed the DNS resolver Cache.” Then, restart your browser and make sure the Reddit website loads without giving you a 504 error.

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  • Block firewall

The 504 Gateway error code can frequently be brought on by a misconfigured firewall. By temporarily disconnecting the firewall, you may immediately rule out the idea, though.

On a Windows computer, open the control panel from the desktop start menu and choose Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & Threat Protection > Manage Settings. Find Windows Firewall settings and click on them next. Finally, turn off your firewall by ticking the box next to “Turn off Windows firewall.”

Now that you can access the Reddit website, you must update the firewall’s configuration and turn it on to ensure future usability.

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In order to read the information on your favorite subreddits, you must repair the Reddit error code 504, which hopefully this article will help you understand. We advise you to do a virus and bug scan on your computer and clean it with a reliable antivirus program because these things can also make the error appear in your browser.