How To Fix Your Instant Messaging App when Telegram Stuck On Connecting

Telegram may not be connecting if you haven’t granted the app permission for it to access its servers or if you have a disabled saving mode on your phone.

Making sure the internet connectivity is secure, and that you are running the most recent version of Telegram installed on your device are two easy ways to solve this issue.

This is a simple guide that you can follow in order to make your cloud-based application back online, so you can connect with your family and friends using the most secure, safest, and secure instant messaging program accessible.

What is the reason why Telegram is stuck when it connects?

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The Telegram app is not connecting due to it not being able to connect to its server. It could be due to several reasons.

Reason 1. Unstable internet connection

Telegram can be described as a cloud-based solution and therefore needs for it to connect to a reliable network all the time.

If it’s not, the application will be unable to download the necessary data onto your device for you to run the service.

Reason 2. Permissions disabled

If certain permissions were removed from your device, specifically on Telegram the app will not be able to connect.

Reason 3. Cache files are full

Cache files are temporary files that are saved to your device each time you start Telegram.

This speeds up the processing process since your device or computer will have all the data downloaded for the application.

In time the cache files get overloaded, which can hinder Telegram to connect properly.

Reason 4. Saver modes are turned on

The ability to turn off battery or data saver mode may prevent the instant messaging app from connecting.

These modes try to reduce the electricity or the amount of data (if you’re not on Wifi) that the application consumes.

When these modes are turned on, it could interfere with the normal operation of the app.

Reason 5. The Telegram servers are down

Telegram cannot connect in the event that Telegram’s server goes down.

It could be because of scheduled maintenance, or perhaps the emergence of an unexpected problem.

You can verify the status of the server using this link.

Reason 6. Old software

If the app you are using or your device’s operating system is not up-to-date This could lead to conflict between the two.

The latest version of Telegram can improve performance and eliminate of any problematic data.

Reason 7. Other apps that block Telegram

If you’re trying to connect to Telegram on a computer or laptop, your browser might be restricted from connecting to Telegram due to the Firewall or an antivirus program.

Telegrams could be flagged as potentially dangerous, or suspicious.

Reason 8. Software corrupted

A corrupted or faulty software installed on your device could affect how the apps run.

The contaminated software may be able to manifest to your device, or via Telegrams software that was downloaded onto your mobile phone or PC.

Reason 9. Telegram is prohibited

Certain countries have prohibited using Telegram.

If you’re trying to connect to Telegram via any of these locations it is necessary to modify the settings of your VPN.

Which countries have been banned from Telegram?






Hong Kong







How do I solve the problem? Telegram disconnecting

Before you change your VPN settings or uninstall your Telegram application to get Telegram that isn’t connecting, verify your connection to the network.

Solution 1. Make sure you have internet access

One of the primary reasons Telegram cannot connect is that it hasn’t been able to establish a reliable internet connection.

Your network must be robust enough to allow you to be connected to the Telegram server.

Resetting your router’s settings can boost your internet’s performance and speed.

Step 1. Turn off your modem

Step 2. Unplug the device from the mains power supply and let it sit for approximately 2 to 3 minutes

Step 3. Connect your router again and switch it on.

When your internet is online once more, you can launch Telegram.

Be aware that if you’re using mobile data, you must turn off the phone.

(Did you know that Telegram was developed by two brothers in Russia who wanted to share information in a manner that Russian security forces would not be able to decipher and track the messages they sent, which is why the application is an extremely secure and secure messaging platform.)

Solution 2. Fix Allow app permissions

On Android:

Step 1. Go to your Settings.

Step 2. Choose ‘Apps’, then select “Telegram”

Step 3. Click “Permissions”

It will be impossible to click ‘Allow.’

On iPhone:

Step 1. Start “Settings”

Step 2. Locate “Telegram” and click it.

Step 3. Enable ‘Background App Refresh

It is also possible to turn ‘Mobile Data’ off the times that you do not access Wifi.

On PC:

Step 1. Start “Settings”

Step 2. Click on ‘Apps’, followed by ‘Apps & Features

Step 3. Locate Telegram and click the ‘Advanced Options

Step 4. Scroll down to “Permissions”

Now you can activate the permissions you need.

Solution 3. Fix. Remove saver mode

If you’re currently trying to connect to Telegram using a battery or the data saver feature turned off, switching these modes off will aid in connecting to the app.

The battery-saver mode

iPhone settings > battery > low power mode

Android Settings > Battery Batterie Saver

Mode for saving data:

iPhone Settings > Mobile Data Low Data Mode

Android – Settings > Network & Internet > Data Saver

Solution 4. Fix 4. Update software

Inquire in the app store for updates offered for the Telegram application. If it is, click “Update” so that the upgraded version will override the version that is currently installed on your device.

It’s also helpful to know whether your device needs an update to your software.

Making sure your software is up to date helps solve problems with performance.

Solution 5. Fix. Switch off firewall

If you’re using a computer’s browser to connect to Telegram the app, your firewall might be blocking the application from connecting.

Turn off your firewall and then try to launch Telegram again to determine whether it’s blocked.

Take note of this with the antivirus settings on your computer.


We hope that this guide provided you with the information you needed to understand why Telegram had trouble connecting to the internet and that you were capable of executing our quick solutions to get your instant messaging application online.

If the issue continues to persist regardless of all the steps we have suggested then you must get in touch with Telegram directly.

The problem can be reported using the online application.

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