How to install and configure Movistar or Smart WiFi router

If you’re having difficulty configuring your WiFi network, then you need to purchase a Movistar smart WiFi. With this Router along with an application that is compatible with Apple as well as Android operating systems, making modifications to the settings for your network will be easy.

What exactly is Movistar Smart WiFi?

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It is the Movistar Smart WiFi software is the most simple and straightforward method to control and use devices and equipment linked to Movistar fiber which is Movistar’s connecting system using fiber optic cables the use of the Movistar router that allows us to access the internet.

Movistar Smart WiFi lets you manage WiFi directly, as well as other connected devices. It can download and be installed onto devices running various operating systems like smartphones and tablets.

It is a Movistar Smart WiFi application It is available on the Play Store platform if the device is Android as well as using the App Store platform when the device is running the Apple operating system.

Its download experience is similar to any other mobile app. It is all you need to do is register an account in either the Play Store or the App Store. If you don’t already have one, log into the application library for that specific app, and look up ‘Movistar Smart Wi-Fi”.

After you have the Movistar Smart WiFi application installed and downloaded you’ll be able to benefit from a variety of functions like setting up an exclusive WiFi exclusive to guests or other people you select You will also be in a position to monitor the speed of the internet connections as well as other things. Additionally, you won’t be required to share the keys to your private WiFi.

How can I make use of Movistar Smart WiFi?

Movistar’s WiFi Router, called Smart WiFi was created in order to make it simpler for Movistar users to manage the equipment connected to the internet system and is user-friendly.

After the Router was purchased through any of the Movistar agencies the only thing left to do is install and download Movistar Smart WiFi. Movistar Smart WiFi application in order to use its various functions as well as facilitate WiFi access and configuration for all connected devices.

In order to begin, you need to add the modem’s data, for example, the password which is visible at the bottom and the program will retrieve the data from the modem and all devices connected to it.

In the future, we are able to create a Wi-Fi connection for guests by navigating to the main menu in the application and selecting the option “My Network and then connecting to our regular WiFi network and enabling the option “Guest WiFi and is a new name and password that are added to the normal WiFi. To use the “lock device” that Movistar Smart WiFi provides the user, it is possible to do this by two methods:

Finding the device we wish to block using the main menu under the section devices. Then it will display the option to block it and remove it

Selecting the device that will be blocked through the device map initial. After selecting the device, click the option to block the device’

How does the Smart WiFi Movistar work

To configure Movistar Smart WiFi with Internet Modem first verify that you’ve disconnected the fiber cable from the previous Router and then connected that cable to your Movistar Smart Wi-Fi Router.

After that, you’ll have to just wait for Movistar smart WiFi to complete the basic configuration once it is connected automatically to the Internet. This typically takes only a few minutes. If it’s the first time.

When the lights are on and the modem is self-configured then enter the password that is found under the internet modem. It should be verified that the device on which the configuration will be performed connects to the network that is connected to the modem with the password added to it.

After it is installed, you’ll be able to access the Movistar Smart Internet configuration from the mobile device on which you downloaded the Movistar Smart Wi-Fi application by simply locating your settings or the configuration of the same.

If you own the UHD decoder and are a Movistar Fusion customer, you will be able to connect to Movistar Smart WiFi. Movistar Smart WiFi settings through your TV, the same manner as we access it via the mobile devices that we regularly use and that is through the main menu in the app.

How do I easily set up the settings of my Movistar Modem or router?

Like any other type of Wifi Router or Modem, it is likely that we will need to do an extra configuration on top of the standard configuration, for example, changing the name of the network and password, changing server settings, etc.

Utilizing this app, you can access the Smart WiFi Mobile App

A simple and efficient method to set up your Wifi router without difficulty and without the assistance of a professional you can use Movistar’s Smart Wifi portal.

This app lets you manage all information about your router and connectivity in your home. it lets you control the number of devices connected, control the access they have, and change the password, username, and more. It’s a great tool, particularly in households where the debate about Wi-Fi continues.

The channel is Movistar + on TV

Another way to set up Movistar Router is to use using the Movistar TV service this procedure is basically the same as accessing the Alejandra portal, as you’ll have to access the same Portal however, this time using your Smart TV, but for this, you’ll need to contract for the Movistar TV service.

Through the Portal Through Portal Alejandra

This type of configuration is not possible by using a default program on your PC, since it is essential (in the majority of instances) that you access the website which the company has designed for this kind of modification for this type of configuration. In the instance of Movistar it is possible to make the changes in the following manner:

Begin by connecting your device to the Movistar Wi-Fi network using your PC. The first thing that you be required to write is the password that is set by default behind the Router.

You will then hit the address bar on the internet and enter the below numbers: In this manner you will be able to access a portal that is dedicated to the configuration of routers will be displayed This portal, which is hosted by Movistar is called “Portal Alejandra”.

  • Once we have entered the portal, we’ll be able to log in using the user 1234 and password 1234.
  • This mode is only available for particular devices. For more specificity on models:
  • Askey RTF3505VW (HGU).
  • MitraStar GPT-2541 GNAC (HGU).
  • MitraStar HGW 251GN-R2

How do I configure the Movistar router to function as a repeater?

First of all, what is a Wifi repeater? It’s easy to grasp. It is quite simple to understand. A WiFi repeater also referred to as a WiFi adapter or amplifier is a device commonly used to extend the coverage of your home network. In many instances the amplifiers have to be utilized, even though the connection through cable (LAN) is very good in terms of speed, it can’t always provide coverage for the entire area of the house.

Let’s say you own a home that is larger than 50 square meters (which is the standard distance of the Movistar router. Your router is on the first floor however, you have a personal computer located on the upper floor, so there’s no issue. All you have to do is configure the repeater on that second computer in order that it can receive the signal.

To set up your Movistar modem to be able to use it as a repeater for Wifi it is necessary to follow a couple of simple steps:

In the beginning, you must restart the router by pressing the reset button for 10 minutes. Then, you need to switch off the router before connecting it to your PC.

  • Connect the modem to the internet and wait for all lights to be on.
  • You will need to open your browser and enter:
  • To enter the configuration, you’ll be required to enter your username and password, both must be 1234.
  • In the area that reads “Wireless Network,” you’ll enter the name you wish to use for the Wi-Fi network.
  • If you go to the “Security section, you’ll input the password you’d like.
  • In the section LAN, you’ll be required to change your IP address. In the LAN section, you’ll enter In the mask, you need to put the address of the router in order for the amplifier to boost the signal.
  • In the next step, you must open”DHCP” as a configuration Status and choose the option ‘deactivated’. When you have completed this you must accept the.
  • After that, you must switch off the router and unplug the internet.
  • In the next step, you’ll need to connect an internet connection directly to the router that you would like for the signal to be amplified.
  • After that, you switch off your Movistar router and then wait until the light comes completely on.
  • Speed up the speed of my Movistar and Smart Wifi router

There’s no greater evil than a slow internet connection, and that’s the reason we’re all trying to find the perfect speed for our internet. There are many methods to boost the speeds of the router however, every technique will differ based on the speed of your system and also the type of router you use.

A technique that is widely common to all is to alter the location of the router. This is because it is well-known that the further you are from it the fewer bars you are able to connect, which means the slower the speed of your connection will be. It is suggested to place your router at a location that covers the greatest amount of areas in your home.

A good method to boost signal strength at home is to use repeaters. They are also situated in strategically placed locations. They can be used to increase the internet signal even to the most remote locations within your home.

Another way to increase the speed of your internet connection is to prioritize your devices and tasks because it is obvious that the greater number of devices connected to Wifi the better our connection will provide at a minimum for specific jobs.

This is the reason I believe should have control over the devices that use our network. We can accomplish this by limiting the people we share the password with. However, if we don’t wish to appear as a spoilsport, you can also utilize applications like the ‘Smart WiFi App’ that helps control everything connected to the Movistar WiFi network.

Then, the final one. One of the most commonly used strategies is to get a fast internet service that offers sufficient MB of speed for downloads and uploads. This approach, in conjunction with a few repeaters for Wi-Fi, will provide the highest quality internet access wherever we are.

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