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How to install Discord on PS4 easily in 2021

Did you always want to install Discord on PS4 and wanted to stream your game through it? But were unable to do so because you didn’t know if discord could be anyway installed on your own PS4. Well here’s the solution, this article will teach you how to install Discord on PS4.

How to install Discord on PS4 with ease

If you’re wondering how to connect your discord account through your PS4, then let me tell you it is as simple as signing in your account through the app. Discord is one of the favorite apps of gamers as it helps them to communicate with their friends by playing at the same time. It has become popular because of its advanced features.

Discord users already know that it can be installed on the PC and various other devices to use its features but as it is useful to the gamers, they always wanted it to get it installed on their PlayStation as well and have been sending a request to the discord team about the same. So now you would be thinking that you have to wait for the Discord version to install Discord on PS4.

But now here are some useful tips which can help you do it with the same version only

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How to install Discord on PS4?

This task would require some effort of yours but it is all going to be worth it because you would have a wonderful experience after using it and you would need some more devices for the same.

You would need some cables like one of 3.5mm Male to Male3.5mm Aux Splitter3.5mm to 3.5mm with Volume, A40 TR Headset this should be a kind of headset which supports USB connection and also has an optical cable to it, Mixamp Pro TR would also be required for switching the sounds from your desktop to PS4 and you would also need to install discord on your desktop though it. It is optional and we suggest you do it for a better experience.

For downloading the discord app you can visit the official website of 8 as it provides many other versions like MAC OS or Linux users. Download the discord app version which fits you the best and you are done.

How to get discord on PS4?

Now for resolving your problem you just have to follow the steps given below:

  • First, open the discord account on your mobile or PC.
  • Now from your PS4 open the browser.
  • Browse for discord site in it.
  • Press OK and give the account details and information as asked.
  • Finally login into your discord account.

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How to Use Discord on Ps4?

Now after you install Discord on PS4, the next step is how are you going to use Discord on PS4. Do not worry till we are here, you can do this by just following the guide which we have provided you. This would make it so easy and effortless.

  1. Mixamp Pro TR and PS4 must be first connected to each other through cable for switching audio.
  2. Navigate to PS4 Settings > Sound and Screen > Audio Output Settings and change the Primary Output Port to Digital Output (Optical).
  3. Connect one end into your PC and the other to the USB cable. Turn your base station to the PC mode otherwise it is found to be not working.
  4. Change the voice settings to Mixamp when you open the discord on your PC.
  5. You should run from your PC speaker by a 3.5mm audio jack.
  6. Also, PC speakers should be modified to output devices and you could do this by changing the settings of voice in discord.

Just follow the steps very carefully to avail all the features if you set all things right then you would be able to talk to your discord and use your PlayStation at the same time. The only problem which is experienced by the users is that they sometimes find the error saying discord search not working and sometimes they are unable to hear any other sound on their PC because the PlayStation 4 is absorbing the primary audio from mix amp pro-TR.

But the best part is this problem could be fixed by just connecting the 3.5 to 3.5mm cable into the port on your PC and the AUX port on your mix amp pro TR and finally change the output to the speaker.

Have you heard of something called PlayStation Party?

This is an amazing feature of the discord app? what happens at the PlayStation party is nothing but it lets you connect with all your friends or people playing the game and you could do it simultaneously while playing the game which makes it all the more amazing. Though these are virtual games and are played on electronic devices but all such features make one feel as if they are physically playing with each other which just enlightens the experience all the more.

Steps to join the PlayStation party are as follows:

  • PS4 Remote Play software should be download on your PC.
  • Then login to the PSN account in the same being.
  • PS4 should be turned on.
  • Then finally connect to the PC party chat option.
  • Remote play software should be running in the background.

Adding up to same wonderful features of discord app one is that an individual can also screen share to show off to his friend what he is actually doing in the game and also makes about different types of sounds as per based on the content of the game or one experience like falling, shouting or shooting and many such feelings could be expressed through sound. One can also use lovely themes offered by this app.

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As gamers have been requesting about discord version which could be installed on PS4. We can expect it to come soon. But till then you can follow these steps keenly to accomplish your task though you have to put so much effort in the process this just so deserves that, for giving you an outstanding experience. Also, the extra devices which are needed in the process are cheap and cost-effective. So one should not hesitate to follow these steps to enhance their experience.

Thank you for reading our article on ‘How to install Discord on PS4.’ If you have any queries, please comment below. We would love to help you.